Maryland Concealed Carry Reciprocity!
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Thread: Maryland Concealed Carry Reciprocity!

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    Maryland Concealed Carry Reciprocity!

    They dont have it yet, but please go the NRA website and e-mail the delegates. IF they pass this bill, it would mean PA, DE, and VA resident/non-resident permit holders (alas, not WV) to have reciprocity.

    NRA-ILA :: Maryland: Pro-Gun Bill Scheduled for Hearing in the House Judiciary Committee


    Please support this, and overload their system... especially if you are MD residents. It does not have a provision preventing non-resident permits from being accepted.

    Hope it passes!
    - NH (Resident), FL (NR), ME (NR), PA (NR), CT (NR), AZ (NR) PERMIT HOLDER
    (I travel to those states frequently for various reasons)

  3. There is still time to make your wishes known as part of "We the People" - the NRA-ILA site has email addresses for all of the legislators involved and it is only to committee now so it may die or it may get changed. I wrote that it was a great start, would reduce the crime rate, supports the second amendment, etc. All very positive. I ended up by saying what I wanted "Please vote YES and allow this law to progress" and "This is a forward thinking beginning. Bravo Maryland."

    If you do not live in MD - please take the time to email all of the politicians on the list anyway. Easy to do. TO: your own email address and BCC: the whole list of email addresses. What comes out looks like you have sent each rep an individual email; there is no long list of recipients. Saves mucho time.

    But DO IT! They will recognize PA and VA. Need I say more?

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    Thanks Toronto!

    Thanks Toronto for the reply! I do hope it gets past committee, as I travel the 10 mile stretch from WV to PA quite frequently, and I hate either pulling over, unloding/locking my gun in WV, and then doing the reverse in PA (and vice versa) every time i drive through (or stopping, checking my lights/ turn signals, etc. and then driving 5 miles under the speed limit in MD so there is no reason to stop me - not that I advocate that to anyone...)

    I make this drive several times a year, and with the 4 permits I have (working on CT and FL at the moment, just for giggles and sharts), I can drive from my duty station in LA to the Maryland border without an issue.

    And I wish NY would do something like this, as I hate doing the same for NYS as I drive through...

    Anyways, please support the measure... it is a longshot, but worth the effort.
    - NH (Resident), FL (NR), ME (NR), PA (NR), CT (NR), AZ (NR) PERMIT HOLDER
    (I travel to those states frequently for various reasons)

  5. I have received two responses to my emails already stating that the reps would support the bill. Get off your duffs and write an email. All is on NRA-ILA. Tnx!

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    This could end up being a work around for MD residents as well. If this law comes to pass, a MD resident could obtain a PA or VA permit and be legal at home. An interesting work around for MD's may-issue system.

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