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Thread: I dropped my handgun in the stall

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    Or you can use a shoulder holster. No need to make any adjustments.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by PaulIcemanMc View Post
    That is always a fond memory for me also. Never dropped mine in the service but felt sorry for those poor SOBs who did. When I am in a public restroom I am always mindful of a temporary resting place for my weapon and if there is none I keep it in one hand or another....I know that sounds hard but it is better than dropping it.
    Had a PFC in Iraq who went to the latrine and forgot and left his rifle in the shitter. Someone found it and they traced it back to him. For the next two weeks he had a big ass heavy log chain about 4 feet long padlocked around his waist and the other end of the chain padlocked to the M-16 24 hours a day. Chain must've weighed 20 pounds.

    PFC QUINTON MANN - You reading this? LOL

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    We had PFC leave his M16 A-2 leaning up on a tree in the woods of Baumholder Germany while on a 60 day field exercise/range quailifications. It was the day before we were due to head back to the unit. Needless to say we ended up staying there and extra 4 days searching the woods till we found it, right where he left it. Next to a big pile of crap. His punishment from the command was nothing compared to the punishment he recieived from his platoon the week we returned! When we finally deployed to Iraq, Desert Storm, I put him at a retrans station on top of a mountain so he could not cause us anymore problems. He called in a Radio call of incoming at noon one afternoon, that was when the EOD units blew-up all the unexploded ords collected around our area of operation. He was sent back to germany ahead of the most of us....and we all were relieved. LOL..Just a couple of examples of this PFC's goof-ups. While he was waiting on his ride back to Turkey we had him in charge of the Kurds we had burning the Kaka in the drums from the latrines.

    PFC Rodriguez hope you had success in your civilian career!!


  5. I always go to the last stall of handicap by the wall, so no one can look at my firearm at the right side holster.

    Either I can put a belt lock into one hole, so my pant can hold up and hang up on my leg/knee that way the firearm will not fall on the floor.
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  6. While my present budget does not allow me to buy any new concealment vests, I have a number of 5.11 Tactical shirts that I often wear to work. The concealed "document pockets" beneath the regular pockets will do fine to temporarily hold a pistol, even a fairly large one. Not really holsters, but they'll hold it while your pants are down.
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    Wear a shoulder holster - it should work in most circumstances lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matelpt View Post
    Wear a shoulder holster - it should work in most circumstances lol.
    Is there an echo in here?

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    I had the same thing happen at Krogers - but no one was there but me, scared the crap out me. I had a Uncle Mike's #5
    IWB. I changed, and made my own holster, similar to the crossbreed, and with the snap in of the kydex material, there is
    no worry with ever having it fall out again! I must say it did add a foul smell to the bathroom!

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    With the revolver I carry, I slip it in my pocket while in private, and then when I've finished my "business" and everything is back in place, I put it back in its home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Or you can use a shoulder holster. No need to make any adjustments.
    I do that now because I dropped mine in a stall

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