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Thread: New Guy here: CCW in Virginia

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    Welcome to the forum from another Virginian. Your best bet for an answer may be contacting the Virginia Citizen's Defense League website. I'm sure you'll have an answer in a heatbeat. They are the resident experts on anything you need to know. The addy is Good luck!
    Why are you worried about holding up the targets for me? It' s a 9mm!

  3. permit in VA for HI


    Thanks for all of the folks. When I put up this first post a few days ago I search the wonderful world of internet and found a few things. As one postor said I can do the online thing and I found this out as well. Not only that but I can also get my CHP using my hunting license/hunter safety as training. These both will work for me but I had always thought showing my application with a hunter safety training/license would be "just barely qualifying" and would get turned down. But I guess not.

    I will let you all know how it goes when I do go to submit my license.

    Thanks all on this great forum!

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    Good luck with your efforts.

    I always like hearing stories about people overcoming disabilities and other obstacles instead making excuses and collecting public assistance on a full time basis.

  5. G50AE,

    I am not on public assistance full time. I work full time and so does my wife work full time. We both are deaf and we have two hearing kids age 8 and 6. I know a few deafies who rely on public assistance all the time. But my wife and I are college educated and put our skills to use by working and earning a living like everyone else does.

    I have not applied for my CHP but will get this form filled out and submit it soon. I believe my hunters safety course will suffice but I may want to take one of those NRA courses and want my wife to take it too so she can handle my pistols if needed.

    This forum is good for learning other scenarios. Just because some one approaches you suspiciously does not mean you can use your sidearm, there must be a clear and present threat.

    I think most who have shot handguns know how to handle these guns, its just that a person with a CHP has an increase responsibility when carrying. I am confortable with that although here in Northern VA is not like in Kentucky as everything is on highest alert because of the terrorist threat to our Nations Capital.

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    Contact gun shops in your area, that is the first place to look. They should be able to start you on a path that will get you your CCP in Virginia.
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    Depending on the area in Northern Virginia you will find gun shops to ultimately be unhelpful. I live in Alexandria and have been really unimpressed with the service down here, but I'm used to a smaller town so that may be clouding my judgment. I found that the police were actually very helpful with the process, the form can be had off their website. Fill it out and they'll help you out from there.

    And for the record I used my out of state hunter safety course and the accepted it without any complaint. Though like you said, a proper course won't do any harm, and the more comfortable and proficient you are with firearms the safer you, you're wife and the public will be.
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