Florida NonResident good in WV?
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Thread: Florida NonResident good in WV?

  1. Florida NonResident good in WV?

    Hi all,
    I can't quite find the exact info I need, every site I go to has a little bit different story. My Question is...
    Is my Florida Nonresident license good for me to carry in WV? I know WV has just updated their laws, but I can't find a clear simple yes or no answer anywhere.Thanks for your help.

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    Yes, it is valid in WV. Check the reciprocity maps on this site.

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    One issue with WV AG is when he puts out info like this:

    Page 4, Last Paragraph

    It is important to note that while West Virginia is an “open carry” state the ability to carry openly is
    deemed by law enforcement to apply only to West Virginia residents. West Virginia law enforcement’s
    interpretation of “open carry” is that the handgun must be visible from three sides.
    There is no WV statute saying "open carry is for residents only". How can he put opinion into official information?

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