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    Instructors in Kentucky

    Well i found it, but check below to see if hes a good instructor

    correct keywords for the google was

    ccw instructors ky

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    You can also check here:

    We come up #2 in that google search. :-)

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    Think i found the best guy for the job, but hes having some personal issues and he says hes next class won't be til April.

    Some info for his e-mail, which was the best one i got in return to the same one i sent out to multiple people.

    "I teach one of the most thorough KY, OH, & FL permit courses in the state if you can wait just a couple months"


    WHEN: TBD 8:00 am until approx. 6:30 pm.

    WHERE: Union, KY. Directions will be sent once you are confirmed in the course.

    COURSE CAPACITY: 22 students.

    COURSE CONTENT: Regardless of your firearm experience, you will definitely enjoy my course since I teach a very thorough course: 1) you learn OH CCW law in addition to KY CCDW law, and; 2) I cover a vast amount of material that other instructors don't.

    The normal syllabus consists of: firearm safety, fundamentals of shooting, handgun function and nomenclature, methods of carry, cleaning your firearm, etc. In addition, I also cover the following subject matter: conflict avoidance, situational awareness, ammunition familiarization, use of deadly force (in detail), physiological effects of being attacked, aftermath of a shooting, interaction with law enforcement, introduction to basic handgun tactics, and much more. I also cover both Kentucky and Ohio concealed carry laws to show how various states differ.

    INSTRUCTOR BACKGROUND: See attached file. In summary, I possess military, law enforcement, and civilian firearm and instructor experience, so I have a lot to add to the class, but I establish a friendly, comfortable training environment.

    WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Must be 21 years of age when you apply for the permit. See the attachment above for more information about the permit qualifications. No previous experience if required.


    COST: $85. This is a one-time cost and you do not have to retake the course to renew your permit. Deposit required.

    WHAT TO BRING: Firearm (preferably a practical self-defense firearm appropriate for concealed carry)
    50 rounds of ammunition (factory ammo only - no reloads are allowed by the state)
    Eye & ear protection
    $85 - cash, money order or cashiers check
    Lunch & snacks (I will provide water)

    FIREARM / ACCESSORY SALES: I possess an FFL, so let me know if you are interested in purchasing a firearm. I also keep a small inventory of items for sale (items that I use myself and firmly believe in). Any KY license issued after July 12, 2006 is exempt from a FBI NICS check when purchasing a firearm in KY (ATF Form 4473 still required).

    Attached is an article about my company and information about the permit.

    Let me know what your questions are.

    Joe Kalil
    Owner, Defensive Handgun Training LLC"

    All of that pretty typical and look good?

    He has info attached with his background and experience too.

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    Anyone think this is worth waiting for or i can get into a class at the end of February thats not as good i think?

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