So how does it work...
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    So how does it work...

    I have my NY pistol permit which is a sportsman/ resident not a full CCW. If I get my Pennsylvania CCW and my non-resident CCW in South Carolina since I own property there, does that mean I can drive with my pistol in my car all the way to SC from NY since all the states in between accepts those CCW permits from PA. and SC? Please help with this matter. Alot of the gun laws are confusing to me.


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    Depends on the route you take....NJ, DE, MD...are not covered by the 3 licenses you mentioned.

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    I know but if I plan it with only states that accept it, is it ok?

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    Yes you can do that. You will have to check the laws of each state to determine "prohibited places"...but otherwise you'd be ok.

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