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Thread: Concealed carry at the post office

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiefmeister View Post
    You are not allowd, Federal Felony, however if it is concealed properly...

    Folks need to quote what they are responding the rest of us know...

    Now, assuming your are referring to carry in post office....

    39 CFR 232.1

    (p) Penalties and other law. (1) Alleged violations of these rules
    and regulations are heard, and the penalties prescribed herein are
    imposed, either in a Federal district court or by a Federal magistrate
    in accordance with applicable court rules. Questions regarding such
    rules should be directed to the regional counsel for the region
    (2) Whoever shall be found guilty of violating the rules and
    regulations in this section while on property under the charge and
    control of the Postal Service is subject to fine of not more than $50 or
    imprisonment of not more than 30 days, or both.
    Nothing contained in
    these rules and regulations shall be construed to abrogate any other
    Federal laws or regulations of any State and local laws and regulations
    applicable to any area in which the property is situated.
    Doesn't sound like felony to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjam2jab View Post
    Doesn't sound like felony to me.
    I stand corrected, it's a concealed misdomeanor?!?

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    PO Carry

    I am in my local PO to empty my box at least once a week, and I am carrying for the couple minutes I am there. I guess that plus the 9mm in the truck would give them fits.

    One day I went looking for the sign (I had been a customer of this PO for over 2 years) and finally found it next to the service door, nowhere near where most customers go as part of their transactions.

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    When I go to the Post Office, my pistol is locked, unloaded, in a car safe under the seat. I am NOT "carrying" a firearm, nor am I "storing" a firearm on Postal Property since my vehicle has been determined by the courts in this state to be private property (mine). Also, since both my vehicle and my safe are locked, they would require a warrant for entry. As to the accident in the parking lot scenario, since I am not carrying a concealed weapon (as defined by the law), I am under no obligation to tell a LEO anything about the weapon (since state law only requires me to inform the officer IF I am carrying the weapon as a concealed weapon). Now, none of these points may protect me against a crusading anti-gunner looking to make trouble. But then again, how would they pick me out from the hundreds, if not thousands, of people conducting business at that post office during the day. Another reason that I do not openly carry, or poster my car with NRA and other pro-shooting items. As it currently stands, no LEO would have ANY probable cause to search my vehicle or obtain a warrant to do so. But then again, nothing is 100% certain anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    Does anyone know if State legal carry of a firearm is legal under federal law, or USPS rules within a post office?

    Some post offices have a sign. Some don't.

    There was some comments on another thread regarding this.

    The post office sign says you can carry, if you are there on official business. Mailing a package may be official business. It may not be official enough.

    The other part I didn't understand, was violation of the sign, might be violation of a rule, or violation of a federal law.

    Penalty for the former is a small fine, the later, imprisonment.

    I was thinking how easy it would be to forget I was "heavy" and walk into the post office. A federal felony is not a good idea.

    I know that postal workers are prohibited from having firearms. A few years ago, a few troubled individuals went "postal".
    Tis a no-no in PA... No carry in Government buildings...

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