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Thread: is .380 enough gun?

  1. well...i have been keeping up with this also have recently purchased a ruger 380 lcp. i am fairly new to having a cwp. i was big on rifles and shotguns when i was younger but not alot of knowledge of handguns. i have read many forums and reviews on the 380's. there is alot of opinions in this thread, but i am looking into a larger caliber. hopefully i will never have to use my 380, but its here if i need it ! and it conceals so very nice. i guess what i am saying like most other usacarry folks is 380 is better than having nothing! it seems to me that the larger caliber hand guns are getting smaller and smaller in size, so no one should have this problem of concealing it to much longer. the taurus millennium pro 45 acp is looking mighty concealable and i like the looks...i dont know about the perormance though?? anybody have one ?

    peace out


  3. Now this question, albeit an honest one,never fails to stir up the hornets! Me,I have 2 words,well,maybe a few more...shot placement!!! A 7 rd.mag loaded with .380acp can be a life-saver.It's definetly an option I would choose,over say, a sharp sharp stick! Remember too,quality defensive ammo increases your odds of acheiving your goal of positivly stopping a determined aggresive attacker. With regards to caliber,I feel and believe SHOT PLACEMENT is paramount...stay safe!

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    to all,

    the TRUTH is that at REAL "self defense range", i.e., at a distance that is considered "reasonable" by LE/judges/jury members, a .380 is PROBABLY as acceptable as ANY handgun.

    according to the WI State Police, the MAXIMUM distance that they had a "shootout" between trooper & "badguy", where SOMEONE was HIT, was about THREE METERS! - i was STUNNED by the number of "gunfights" that were at ONE meter, i.e., arms reach.

    further, in NYC about two years ago, FOUR NYPD officers (one was a FTO/SGT.) fired a total of 58 shots at ONE perp, at a distance of less than (according to the "shooting investigation team") at about 40 FEET, & hit exactly NOBODY!
    (one of the NYPD guys DID get hit with a richoet off a concrete wall. the perp eascaped UNharmed!)

    when you have about 2 gallons of adrenaline running through the system, HITTING your TARGET is NOT easy. - ask me how i KNOW!

    yours, TN46
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgr11fan View Post
    the taurus millennium pro 45 acp is looking mighty concealable and i like the looks...i dont know about the perormance though?? anybody have one ?


    The good reviews i have heard about the PT145 were saying it performed flawlessly. It has a nice polished feed ramp to aid in reliable loading. I think it would be a solid choice for a large caliber carry gun.

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    Hi, There. I'm new to forum.

    My primary carry are .380 (concealed) and 9mm (duty, my occupation is Chauffeur/Security).
    I'm 140lb, 5'8" small skinny guy.
    I tried to conceal my 92F with many way (inside belt, shoulder, hip,etc), then I see myself in mirror, I obviously look like shop lifter hiding merchandise under my arm
    If I go shopping with my 92F, maybe I will be stopped and asked by loss prevention staff (Security) what's inside of my cloth....

    I just renewed NV CCW (CFP) few weeks ago.
    6 shot with weak hand, 6 shot with strong hand
    12 shot with both hand (7yards) , 12 shot both hand (15 yards)

    I have to take requalification for .45, .40, 9,.380 every 6 month for California Security firearm qualification.
    I always start with .45 in re-qualification. then .380 recoil feels airgun.
    So, NV qualification is piece of cake to me just routine practice, but 2 guys fail and had to take re-test in my NV renewal class.
    they try to qualify either .40 or .45.
    Well, if they can't hit man-target within 3 yard (one hand) or 7 yards (two handed), it is Zero stopping power and their bullets might hit innocent bystanders.
    I felt like " please don't qualify's scary...." (but they got permit.... scary story....)

    I think gun size matter by size of body.
    accuracy matter by practice.
    and it's a zero stopping power if you can not place bullet in target no matter if it's .45 or 44 mag.

    by the way, I choose Both beretta for my carry gun because I like hammer down safety.

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    ^^^ Good post ^^^
    Welcome to the forum Limo...

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    Thanks tcox,

    I own 3 body armors.
    I wear it under my suit when I work (Drive).

    when I'm in California, I have to carry openly (under Security credential).
    If bad buy try to rob or kidnap somebody, whom would he shoot first ? He shoot most dangerous enemy " a man with gun" and that's me (unless he is psycho random shooter)
    If I get shot, my clients have to run on foot.

    My first Vest was concealable level IIIA (I should say most popular thickness) .
    Body armor is extremely worm not because extra layer of cloth because material is not breathable.
    my body heat and worm sweat are trapped between my under shirts and vest.
    Very ! uncomfortable.

    I'm not secret service or even local LEO, my gun and body armor are "just in case" item.
    I started not wear body armor (especially summer) few years ago.
    Then friends (Full time security officer and LEOs) told me that "Reduce to level II, it won't stop .45 or close range of 9mm FMJ but it's way stronger than your T-shirt"

    It was very true.
    level II, even Level IIA has 1,000 times protecting power than my under shirt.
    This same strategy goes to my .380.
    My 84F is relatively new (4 years).
    I bought (and qualify) to .380 because sometimes I feel too lazy to carry my 9mm or 357.
    200 lbf energy is stronger than 0 lbf (no hit or no gun)
    I carry 9mm with Level III armor when I plan to go where I need one.
    but now I carry .380 with level II body armor so often.
    (I don't drive in South Central LA or skid row, I mostly drive in Beverly Hills, why I need 9mm + Level III every day...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by shhmitty View Post
    I think a 380 is plenty to us as a weapon against a threat, I hear of a lot of deaths here in S.C. due to being shot with 22 rounds so a well placed shot will do the job, but for those of us who do not want to hang our lives on a well placed shot, we opt for a larger caliber weapon to stop a threat, it's like a insurance policy, we may never need it but it makes feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing it's there if we do
    Since I last posted this, I have had a "change of heart" so to speak, I work in the construction business so I work outdoors everyday, here in S.C. it gets hot and gets hot fast, it was 93 degrees here with humidity through the roof and we are only halfway through May and carrying a compact 45acp iwb will make you sweat like you would not believe. I found a Ruger 380 lcp at a good price and bought one, I now carry it in my pocket instead of iwb and it feels great. I have done several range test on my own and I'm confident enough in the performance of this little firearm to make it my primary carry weapon during the summer months, when cooler weather rolls back around I may go back to the 45 but I feel being comfortable is a big key in ccw as well as the firearm that you carry, so mark me down as a pocket pistol believer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvidshooterTX View Post
    Adolph Hitler's endorsement of any firearm would not impress me. He took away 4 years of my dad's life as he piloted B-17s over Germany. But every time we fire it now I will think fondly of the big hole it would make in der fuhrer's head.
    I would LOVE to know what Patton would have done if he'd been allowed to enter Berlin and had been able to capture hitler alive.

  11. I believe a post by Ncpermit is most telling. Depending on your area of operation the minimum carry may make the difference. About 40 years ago had to drive weekly to a VA hospital in the San Francisco area when the Zebra killings were going on. I drove by two of the locations where people were shot and killed sitting at a stop light. So, bought a little .38 S&W and left it on the seat just, well because. Then slowly I noticed that I was taking streets that I would not normally go, because I felt a little safer with it sitting next to me. Realized I had gotten to be 26 years old without having to have a gun sitting on my seat. Stopped going down those streets and "ifffy" places.
    Now, when I am driving across Arizona and New Mexico, because of the stuff going on, it is a Sig 226 in .357 Sig. And if I run into an AK, well that dog just don't hunt. But as the earlier post mentioned, carry may depend on what you are doing and where you are going.
    Putting gas in your car at night, well a .380 may be just peachy.

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