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Thread: is .380 enough gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvidshooterTX View Post
    I figure any handgun will do the trick under certain conditions if fired accurately but is a .380 really a good choice?

    While arguably better than a sharp stick it's still an inferior choice to other calibers available, but sometimes an inferior choice is the only choice you have. If you have to pack a .380 stick to FMJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    Are you 6' 4" 220lbs?
    Would you be willing to go agaist a 380acp?

    I'm 5' 11" and 240lbs, I would NOT like to go against "ANY" handgun regardless of caliber. (I've been present at to many shootings.)

    I take it you've never seen someone shot in real life. I know 1st hand a 22 revolver will stop a 6' 200lb man in his tracks even though the wound is not life threatening; so I don't have any qualms about a 380acp doing the same thing. You see; getting SHOT "usually" causes a man to lose interest in harming you; regardless of caliber.

    Like I said: I've only had to use a handgun twice in a SD situation; a 22 revolver and a Bersa 380. Besides, a 380acp round is nothing but a Lighter, shorter 9mm round. With all the advancements is ballistic technology a 380acp performs quite well.

    I suspect you're probably just a young gun "wannabe" expert just trolling for trouble. So I'll just bid you "good day".

    Peace Out!
    I dont want to go against any gun, and I suspect, all sane people do not. There is a article out on the web, maybe on this site, about a shootout with a BG and the FBI (who I beleive had 40 s&w's as the most common weapon). They finally got him by first shooting his ankles with an AR-15. It has been a long time since I have read the article - you should read it. I will try to relocate it -as I do beleive it was posted on this site.
    Everything else all depends on the situation. Are you willing to bet your own life on a situation? First, to address your "22 statement". The President of the United States (Ronald Reagan) was hit with a 22 (and did not even know it - at first). Sure, shot placement counts; but in an ambush situation, you really do not have time for "Shot placement". If you are real, you step back to your (muscle memory) training, and go for center of mass. Many snipers go for center of mass (depending on the situation). You may kill someone with a 380, or even a 9mm; but what you want is to put them down (kill them NOW) to end the threat. Contrary to what you were saying, many people/enemies will continue to advance towards you after having been shot (multiple times) unless you have something that hits hard enough to shock the body (not the mind). It all depends on the situation. I know someone who was hit twice by a 45, took the gun from the guy (who shot him) and beat him half to death - with the gun. All I am saying, in my opinion, a 380 is not going to drop someone (if that is your intention) at the moment of use, unless you are the enemy and have placed yourself in a position to fire a kill shot. It will probably work well in getting the "bad guy' to duck (if you fire at him) so that you can flee "the situation". That, in my opinion is probably the thing to try for if carrying a 380.
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    I'm not willing to stand and be shot with a slingshot loaded with a marble. That doesn't mean it';s adequate for self-defense.

    That whole "are you willing to let me shoot you with it?" argument is specious at best.

    Carry the largest gun you can comfortably conceal, in the largest caliber you can accurately shoot (on successive shots).
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    I carry either a Walther PPS .40 or a S&W Bodyguard .380 depending on dress level. While the Walther is easier to shoot and bring back to target, I can't always have it with me even though it is already a fairly small (thin) gun. The Bodyguard .380 is certainly a small gun and is a bit more difficult to control and to bring back to target after firing a round. I have thought about the effectiveness of the round and have done a lot of reading on it. (I decided on the Hydrashok round) Also, as other people have mentioned, if it came to it, the average citizen carrying concealed is going to be in a confrontation within 20 feet or so. In my estimate the round is going to be pretty effective within this distance unless the person is wearing multiple layers of clothing such as in winter.

  6. The average distance is actually 3 feet. So, imagine that bullet coming out of the gun that snaps your hand up plowing into someone's neck, or face, or chest or the friggin groin! This argument is flat out retarded. Thousands of deaths are from calibers UNDER .380, so I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it suffices for self defense. Sure I'd much rather have my .357 but I'd much rather carry something similar to a cell phone rather than a paper weight in my pants

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    A rock is good it you can hit the correct spot

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    The real question is "Do you hit what you aim at?" critical to ANY weapon is whether you can hit your target.

    Consider that the second and third shot will get on target a lot easier and faster with a .380 over something that kicks more. If you cannot handle the weapon then it's no good for you, and the caliber won't matter.

    It was said here that the difference between a 9mm and the .380 is the length and charge of the cartridge. I'm not a reload or a ballistics guy but at the "normal" defense range inside 20 feet, it sounds like the .380 would do it for me. IMHO of course!
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  9. I agree with the above posters that say that shot placement, and ammunition choice, is critical. Obviously, some type of hollow-point is better than FMJ. I carry a Sig p238 with Hornady Critical Defense. I'm not real concerned about stopping power at 100 yds with this weapon.

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    I prefer .45ACP's, bigger caliber is better, BUT, At one time I carried a baby Browning in a shirt pocket, in a hard box for cigarettes. The right tool for the job may not be the best tool, but is what you can hide until you need it.
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    .380 is plenty with a good shot. Carrying a .45 and not knowing how to use it is like putting doilies on a bowling ball. It ain't gonna do any good.

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