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Thread: is .380 enough gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGB View Post
    Even the largest handgun calibers are POOR fight stoppers. Is the .380 enough? If you choose to carry one IMHO you better pray it is.

    Just as much as it is important to have a gun, it is also very important to have the most powerful (in light of what little power they do have) gun that you can competently operate.
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  3. For me the issue is not so much stopping power but what fits best and most comfortably in my hand. Sure the small calibers will do the job when used correctly and accurately but the get kinda lost in my large hands. I am 6'3'' and my hands are proportionate to that size. I carry a Bursa Thunder ultra compact .45. It shoots nice and with little recoil for it's size. I tried on many different styles and calibers before I settled on this pistol. I also wanted to make sure I got something large enough that it would do the job in short order. I wish to take no chances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SGB View Post
    Even the largest handgun calibers are POOR fight stoppers. Is the .380 enough? If you choose to carry one IMHO you better pray it is.
    Notice I didn't say it was the ultimate carry gun. All handguns have their limitations. After years as a Paramedic and a LEO, I am well aware of this. But there are plenty of men in the grave from 380's and 22 LR. The first rule of a gunfight, is have a gun. We all can't have immediate access to a 308 battle rifle or a 44 mag revolver when needed. We have to be able to use what we carry. We should carry what we are able to carry. I also noted that 95 degree shorts and t-shirt weather, doesn't always lend itself to carrying a large caliber. As someone who grew up in a LEO / Firearms Instructor Household and became one myself, I grew up in an era when 38 revolvers were the norm, and 38 snubbies and 380 autos were the norm for off duty. I knew several Officers (including my Dad) who shot people in the line of duty and wondered why anyone would need anything more than that. I personally have used a handgun twice to defend myself, and understand how a real shooting works.
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    I've been carring a 380 for over 20 yrs. with my ccp in Ct.nice size small enough as not to be seen. I have never pulled my gun or used it on anyone.i carry for protection in and out of my home and buisness,for the distance i would be shooting (close range) I feel confident 6 rounds from a 380 will stop someone,but I hope I never find out.

  6. Hey, the .32 auto used to be the gun of choice for police and private citizens and it put many people in the hospital or morgue. The .380 is definately good especially with all the good defense ammo available now. I carry a .32 at times, and a .380 at times and believe they will do the job.

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    I have had a Bersa Thunder 380 for two months now and have used it for my primary carry gun because of it's small size and easy concealment, However I just purchased a S&W SD9VE 9mm and shot 150 rounds thru it without a problem, and will consider carrying it using Hornady Critical defense ammo. This is a very nice weapon, but is heavier and bigger than the Bersa, but I am sure it will get the job done if needed. Of course it may not have as much power as a 40 or 45 but, as always, placement is the key.
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  8. I do have an LCP, and yes it is a very small with limitations on distance and accuracy. But, it has NEVER had a failure to enter or a failure to eject. I have put over 500 rounds through it, never hung up once.

  9. Shot placement, there is no magic caliber. I have a 380 for pocket carry, but it sees less carry time than my full-size 40's or 9.

  10. In thinking of this, and reading posts: Yes in some situations and no in some situations. Same for a .45 acp or even .357 Mag. How can anyone say no or yes to any caliber, even a 50 cal, if not a good hit???

  11. radcont5164 I predict that you will eventually start looking seriously at the S&W MP 9c as a carry weapon. It is much easier to conceal. Say no, but 6 months from now you may.

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