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Thread: is .380 enough gun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    Adolf Hiter shot himself with a walther PPK. Could of been the .32 or the 9mm kurtz aka .380.
    He used a PPK 32(7.65)


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    In my book, it should be assigned duty as a back-up when possible. Now, that being said, there have been times when I carried a .380 as a CCW gun in short and t-shirt weather. I have several, but prefer to carry my Airlite Titanium S&W J frame in 357 Mag, usually with 38 Gold Dot +p's if I have the choice. A little more punch and penetration. I have used a 380 in a Narcotics assignment with a Walther PPK, and also a Beretta 84 13 shot. Remember the first rule of a gun fight is have a gun. It sure beats sticks and rocks. Though I would prefer not to have to battle with a couple of armed Thug Monkees with a Ruger LCP OR a 38 snubby. Sometimes you have to carry what you are able to carry, and a 380 LCP in the pocket, is better than a 1911 at home in the safe. I always try to carry a larger or full size 45 or 9mm, but either way, whatever you carry, practice with it for real. Practice drawing it from your carry mode and engaging multiple targets. It just may get you out of a jam. Any gun can save your life, IF you train with it.
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    My preferred carry is my Glock 23 but I do have a Ruger LCP and a Sig Sauer P238. I ride a Harley and I can pocket carry either of the .380's in either my jacket or vest. I like the Ruger and love the Sig. I have practiced enough with both that I have complete confidence that they can do the job if needed. That said, I would not carry anything smaller than .380.

    I have a mental block against the 9mm. I was in the Marine Corps when they replaced the Colt 1911 with the Beretta. It just griped my ass that the U.S. military replaced an American icon with an Itallian metric. Although my Glock and Sig are foreign, I strongly believe that American troops should trust their lives to American made weapons. Double standards don't have to be rational

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    Quote Originally Posted by HardCorps53 View Post
    Although my Glock and Sig are foreign,
    Just like a Toyota.. Your Sig P238 may be by a foreign company, but it is made in New Hampshire USA (at least that is what it says on the slide)..

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    Quote Originally Posted by HootmonSccy View Post
    Just like a Toyota..
    Now you've gone and shaken my confidence in my Sig...

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    .38 standard pressure and .380 are about equal. With .380, you usually get more rounds in mag plus quicker reloads. Ask anybody that has been shot with a .38 or .380 if it was enough. Remember, USA police carried .38 for many years

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6shootercarry View Post
    I go every other Monday night to a plate shoot for 22LR only for fun and some small prize money. I've found that I will need a gun better suited for this than the Sig Mosquito w/ open sights.I have my eye on a S&W 22A-1 that I will add a red dot to.

    A few of the people attending bring different carry guns along and allow me to do a try it before buy it. I fired the Ruger LCP this Monday and was not all that excited by it. A little too small for me. Kinda felt like it was gonna jump out of my hand. One of the other guys had a Kel-Tec P3AT. Still feels too small for me. I guess for a BUG it's a good choice. A sh!t has hit the fan gun...

    For me I love the 45 auto and I love the .357 Mag. They hit hard and have been proven as great defense rounds. My guns are just too large to hide in light summer attire. So I was looking at the Walther PPK. Good size, not too tiny. My friend had one so I know how they feel to shoot. The issue I see now is the price and supply for the .380 ammo. I noted the 9mm stuff is coming back and it's cheap. Better ballistic performance with the 9mmm vs the .380, but still not as good as the 45 or 38+P or 357...

    I was also looking at a J frame 5 shooter 38+P. Then the issue is the ammo limit. I could just get the Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm compact and have 10+1 in 9mm. or the .40S&W compact and get 10+1 in a slightly bigger round... Same size for both, small enough to hide in a Supertuck, I have the M&P 45 full size so I know and like the platform...

    I have done the real world shooting test with the .380 vs the 9mm and the .357 and the .45 so I see the .380 as being a compromise in real performance for conceal size...Eh...

    I think I've talked myself into the 9mm compact. Will see what the money tree has in store in the spring...

    I have a RIA compact 1911A1. With IWB and shirt untucked, it conceals nicely. Just need a pretty good belt to keep it up where it belongs.

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    Hey Y'all: Just sayin. I knew from the getgo of CC that the only thing I would carry was the smallest and lightest since I hate "stuff" in my pockets or on my clothes or body. The bigger stuff (38 and shotgun) is in the house. I marvel at the amount of metal some of these posters can carry. My compromise came down to a 380 and I chose the kel tec P3AT--it is the lightest and smallest and even with all the new ones out there, it still is--it is also one of the least expensive and, in my case, has never caused me a lick of trouble. I practice so I can hit what I aim at and at close quarters, which would be the only CC-actual firing I could envision responsibly; a 380 to the body will change someone's ideas if not their lives. I am practicing point shooting, which also seems to be the only logical way to look at CC and defense at close quarters since it allows you to defend yourself that much quicker without relying on the small guns' sights, which are essentially non-existent. Think that is about it. Hope comments are helpful.

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    .380 works for me. My primary carry is either my P-3AT or my LCP(with
    CT) depending if I want the laser or not.

    For the warmer climate, pocket carry works best for me these are great pocket guns. I'll go up to the 9mm or the .357 if needed, but then comes the concealment problems. I figure a .380 on me is a lot better than a .357 on the shelf.

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    Although I have not read all the posts on this thread, I would like to share my opinion; at the moment I carry a PX4 Storm in a .40 S&W and love it.

    Now .....

    I recently rented a Bersa Thunder .380 and shot some Buffalo Bore ammo through it, the load was Buffalo Bore's 90 grain JHP (gold dot style) + P round, this round is rated at 1150 feet per/sec. with 288 lbs of energy and 10 inches of penetration. The recoil on this pistol/round is half that of my .40 S&W ... I was able to stay on target much better then my Beretta, 2nd shots were much faster and placed better. I can group better with the .380 vs. the .40 S&W. I left the range confident my next handgun purchase with be a Bersa .380


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