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Thread: is .380 enough gun?

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    Time for a real reply.

    OK now that I have responded to a few tangents on this thread, let me get to the meat of the matter.

    If we go by the assumption that the following calibers are "mousegun" calibers,
    25 ACP
    22 LR
    22 WMR
    25 NAA
    32 ACP
    32 Colt
    32 S&W Special
    32 H&R magnum
    32 NAA
    380 ACP
    This would be a relative listing of power levels, 25 ACP on the low end, 380 ACP at the high end.

    Typically handguns for these calibers are designed for easy concealment, or deep concealment as the case may be. This lends them to the backup gun role. I would not carry any of these calibers as a primary sidearm. For back-up, yes, and I would prefer a 380 out of all of them.

    That being said if it is your choice to rely on a 380 ACP for a primary carry piece, do not consider yourself gunless. I'd rather have more gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Hamberger View Post
    I feel the .380 and the .32 are okay for personal carry. The whole idea is "protection" isn't it? If you load uo with HP's think what the round looks like once expanded. I own a Taurus 738 .380, a 709 slim 9mm, and a PT145 .45acp and I carry either one, depending on how I'm dressed at the time.
    Hey Ed, I'm wondering how you like the Taurus 709. I saw one yesterday at a gun shop and am seriously considering it. What ammo do you use in it? What holster configuration? Right now I carry a Sig P232 .380 in a Galco IWB holster. I'm a short curvy lady and adequate concealment is a consideration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvidshooterTX View Post
    I don't understand the personal attacks on this board. My moniker means that I'm an avid shooter. I've replaced 2 barrels on my Baretta FS92 and gone through probably over 30k rounds in that pistol. I haven't put as many rounds through my Taurus titanium .38+P but enough. I've been happy with these firearms and was just asking about the 380 since my wife had one in addition to her .38+P. I read about firearms in American Rifleman and Guns and Ammo and other magazies but all the gun mags rave about every gun that comes out. Hell, they liked that Grendel when it came out. In my opinion the gun writers don't want to piss off the manufacturers and stop getting the cool new guns to test so they tread very lightly. So how about everybody being a little more civil?
    molon labe

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    Hey roho-amarillo and AvidshooterTX: Excuse me if I am repeating, but I found the Am.Rifleman 380 comparison/review a little "funny" as I examined the wording of the reviews. To start with the picture on the outside of the issue had me already somewhat suspect---why the Taurus? why not a montage of all the firearms? . When I read the article, I realized that the only firearm that received 100% OK was the thousand dollar firearm (I guess you get what you pay for); all the others for one reason or another and mostly for the same reasons had some "problem" of some sort. What got me was the more positive nuance of the "problem" with the Taurus as compared to some of the other firearms--I could not help but think about the $$$ that went to the NRA from Taurus. Maybe I am a complete skeptic these days but IMO there was a "slant" in this article. I also get a kick out of all the questions that get asked about this mfgr or that mfgr or this gun or that gun. For every reply in the positive there is always a reply somewhere in the negative except, perhaps for Glock; that does not necessarily mean that Glock is the perfect firearm--again being a skeptic, it means to me that the souls who pray to the Glock god do just that---anything less is heresy.

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    I hope it's enough, because sometimes it's all I've got.

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    What is the consensus on the S&W Bodyguard .380?

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighter View Post
    What is the consensus on the S&W Bodyguard .380?
    Comes with a laser-site and I think if you shoot Buffalo Bore + P ammo it would be one hot pistol.

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    I'm kinda thinking that these lil guns need a laser it is just a point and shoot operation. I'm not going after the guy down the street with a .380. That caliber and type of firearm is strictly for up close and personal work.

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    I have a similiar problem. I would very much like to buy a small gun. I realize the distance matters but I would like to get a 40mm compact. I honestly do not think the 38mm has the stopping power. I have a Sig 226 which is a 9mm. Great weapon but it is to large to carry on a regular basis. It is not the easiest to conceal. My instrctor recommended the Sig 226. When I carry a weapon on a regular basis I really want the stopping power. I can not visualize a 38 mm doeing the job. That is why I would not buy a sub compact but a compact weapon. I feel that I have a choice between a 45 mm, 40mm and a 9 mm. I would honestly choose the 40mm. It is my opinion that it makes a difference when you need something that works. What do you think?

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    .380 (9mm Kurz)=9X17mm
    9mm Makarov=9X18mm
    9mm Parabellum=9X19mm

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