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Thread: is .380 enough gun?

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    rock919, the .38, .40 and the .45 caliber is measured in decimals of an INCH, the 9mm is measured in millimeters. a .38, 40 or 45mm would make a great anti-aircraft gun though!

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    I have several .380's, 2 Ruger LCP's, a Walther PPK-S, a Colt Mustang and a Mauser HSc and they are all loaded with JHP ammo. They all conceal very well, and for the most part are satisfactory...but if I know I am going into a dicey situation I also carry either a Glock 19 9mm, Kimber Pro Carry II .45 or S&W 337 .38 +P.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HootmonSccy View Post
    Just remember the .380 is the same bullet diameter as the 9mm, it just has a slightly shorter cartridge(less powder), and the bullet is usually a few grains lighter..
    Again, at 10 feet, nobody will probably know the difference.. at 50 yards, I would think there is a big difference..

    .38 +P = generates 240.6 ft-lbs of energy
    .380 = generates ~200 foot-pounds ft-lbs of energy

    17% less power than the .38 +p
    If you use Buffalo Bore (BB) ammo you get 236 ft-lbs of energy even from the little Kel-Tec P3AT or Ruger LCP. If you have a longer barreled 380 you get over 240 ft-lbs. I have several different guns in calibers ranging from 45 to 22 but my concealed carry guns are either my 16 ounce Taurus J-frame .357 or my 8 ounce P3AT. Whenever this 380 debate comes up I post this link to BB 380 tests on pork ribs:

    KTOG Forum - P3AT eats pork ribs - wants more

    This pretty well speaks for itself. The BB 380's outperform 38 Special +Ps. Like the guy in the article said "Compare the P3AT with BB Gold Dot at 236 ft-lb actual measured energy with a S&W SnubNose 38cal +P Double Tap Gold Dot at actual measured 199 ft-lb. I'll take the P3AT any day."

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    Also note that the 9mm Makarov is not realy a 9mm, it's slightly larger.

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    As I stated in the "poll" thread, In most cases, I believe the .380 ACP will stop animals of the two legged variety quite handily.

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    Glockster20, that's got to be the UGLIEST picture of Mickey Mouse I have ever seen.

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    380 is enough gun, hell 22 is enough gun with proper bullet placement. Bottom line: Anything is better than nothing at all
    Never had to use my gun, never want to use my gun, will not hesitate to use my gun.

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    to all,

    LTG George Patton, Jr certainly thought that the .380ACP was suitable to carry. - he once said that he actually protected himself with his little Colt's semi-auto in Europe more than once.

    fyi, when i was working "out of uniform", i wanted a carry pistol that didn't SCREAM: POLICE & that particuliar kind of Colt's .380 (loaded with HIVEL JHP) was what i carried many days, in a pocket. = i did NOT feel "under-armed".

    yours, TN46
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by WildBill44 View Post
    ...but if I know I am going into a dicey situation I also carry either a Glock 19 9mm, Kimber Pro Carry II .45 or S&W 337 .38 +P.
    How do you know when you're going into a dicey situation? And if you know. Why would you still go there? Seems like a place you can and should avoid.

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    I'm with Ken. Situational awareness is number 1 on my list for defense. Why in the world would you be going INTO a situation, when you can be GOING AWAY from a situation. I guess the nomiker Wild Bill has some meaning. Personally, I think bravado comes easily to all of us as we sit at a computer playing dirty harry.

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