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    My wife's nephew got one of these and really likes it. Very thin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ektarr View Post
    What JTG said, and have you tried any Kahr handguns on for size? If you're a fan of the slimmer designs, they make a nice sidearm. I don't have any of their products, but I've handled them and they're very comfortable in the hand.
    I like the Kahr a lot... conceals well, accurate, relaiable.... becoming the one I carry most... my Phantom helps!

  4. Glock 36


    Smith Wesson SW9VE (9mm)

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  5. I recently bought a Kahr PM9 and it carries real well in corgo pants pocket. Always with a pocket holster. It does take a few rounds to break it in, but is very reliable after that.


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    All the weapons you mentioned are good, the Glock 36 is a 45, but the G-26 is a 9mm, it is small for a Glock but still a little chunky, my wife and I each have 709s very nice shooting gun between the two we probably got close to 3000 rds thru them, no problems

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    I have carried a Taurus PT 745 for a number if year now and it has served me well. I vote for the Taurus. Great quality for a great price!

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    Didn't even have to read anyone elses replies, that was an easy one.

    Next question?

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    I have a Bersa Thunder 380. It is a very good gun for CC. In fact, my husband had already claimed it for his after this guy who wanted to buy it off me hasn't contacted me for a good while. I have a XDm 9mm which just fits my little hand with more ammo in the mags than I would probably wanted but that's my way just in case it will take more than 8 bullets to stop a threat to me and mine. My XD by the way is my BUG. My primary is a Glock 23, 40 caliber.

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