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  1. Cell Pal holster

    Does anyone on list have experience with the Cell Pal Holster promoted on the site? I was at a gun show on Saturday and saw a number of different carry methods, but I really like what I see in the Cell Pal video. I am only reluctant because I have not actually seen one (I like to handle something like this before I buy it) and I do not know what their return policy is if for some reason I don't like it. Any input that you all can offer would be helpful and appreciated.



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    My buddy purchased one at the Gun Show this Saturday. He loves it so far! Very comfortable, and has no problems holstering, and drawing with it. He said sitting is even comfortable.

    Me personally, don't think I'd like it, but I'm partial to my SuperTuck, and with my gut, doubt that the Cell Pal would work too well :)
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  4. Cell Pal


    The cell pal looked like it would be really comfortable, but the knock on it that I saw from other posts is that it takes two hands to draw. I am looking for something that will be- 1. Comfortable, 2. will allow me to conceal the entire weapon (no grip showing) and that 3. Will not print, and that 4. Will let me wear it with a tucked in shirt and use it during the summer when I am wearing walking shorts. I also liked that the cell pal fits multiple guns rather than having to purchase additional holsters for other firearms as is required with some other options.



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    Have you looked at crossbreed holsters yet? I can do all of the above with mine.
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  6. Cell Pal holster


    I did find his site last night. The thing that makes me a little nervous is that most of the better holsters cost the better part of $ 100, and this is something I would really like to handle before I buy. It seems that most gun shops have a very small selection of quality accessories (all I could find were the cheap nylon type, even in stores with an impressive array of guns). I guess this is something that is more Internet based, but I wish I could find some where that I could see them first.

    The thing I liked about the cell pal is that it linked something that I always carry with me with the holster, so it looked perfroctly natural. The idea of it laying on my thigh also sounds really comfortable, but then I thought about it and realized that if it rides that way then it is almost certainly going to be pointing at someone when I sit down rather than pointing it toward the ground. The Super Tuck and other such designs probably get to a point where they feel very natural, but at first it does not sound to me as if it would be comfortable, especially if you are talking about wearing it with Docker shorts in the summer.



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    Here's my whole schmeal on Crossbreed Holsters - in my own experience:
    (I had posted on another forum, and copied here - hope it helps)

    My Stats:
    • Carry Piece: Springfield XD .45 Compact
    • Holster: Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe, Cowhide, steel clips with cross cutout*, no combat cut*
    • Belt: Crossbreed Belt – Brown
    • Height: 6'1"
    • Weight: 270 lbs
    • Carry Position: 3:00 on right hip

    * Plan on changing clips, and sending in for combat cut – read below *


    --> When I got the holster, I was using it with my normal size pants, and it was tight. Really had to suck it in to get them buttoned. I’ve since gone up a pant size and now is extremely comfortable. I highly suggest bringing the holster and gun with you to try on pants / shorts to make sure they are a good combo. I do have some pants that carry better than others – it’s all in how the they are made.

    --> Get a good gun belt. Yes, they cost about as much if not more than the holster, but suck it up and get one. I have a Crossbreed belt, and would not carry without it. It is thick, and stiff, and can carry the weight of the gun, without sagging down your belt or pants. I have the belt in tan, although I wish I had ordered it black, as the belt clips on the SuperTuck are black, so they kind of stick out when I have my shirt tucked in.

    --> Speaking of tucking the shirt in, yes, the Crossbreed SuperTuck allows me to tuck my shirt in. I carry in dress pants / oxford shirt on a daily basis, and have no problem tucking in my shirt, just “blouse” out just a little out around the belt, and it’s good to go. I’ve even tucked in a t-shirt. Below is a picture of a t-shirt tucked in. Note that I took these pictures in a mirror, so it’s really my right side, not left. Also, these are my old jeans – before going up a size to compensate for carrying IWB.

    All the above pictures were taken the week I got my holster from Crossbreed. I didn't have the gun belt, was carrying at 4:00, and had not gone up a size in pants, so I did have issues in all three of those areas (sagging, really tight pants, rolling belt). I also was still experimenting with the cant, and finding my "sweet spot."

    --> I have carried with both the compact mag (10 rounds) as well as the full size/extended mag (13 rounds), with little notable difference, other than bending over, I could tell the butt of the extended mag was printing. This would be remedied if I adjusted the cant a bit more forward, but I usually carry with the compact mag, so have not adjusted. I will say that with the extended mag, it is easier to draw without the combat grip upgrade, because there is more grip to grab, but there is still an adjustment that has to be made.

    --> As for comfort – I can honestly say, it is extremely comfortable. There is no binding or pinching of skin, even with my love handles :) I normally wear a t-shirt, so the leather is not touching my skin directly, but I have carried with just a t-shirt un-tucked, and was not bothered by it next to my skin. Driving is no problem in my wife’s van (Honda Odyssey) but in my Saturn SL2, I have to adjust the seat belt a bit when I sit down. I’m a big fella, so it’s a bit tight in the Saturn, carrying or not… :)

    --> I’ve only had two issues when carrying with the SuperTuck; first, sitting down in a rocking chair that was too narrow for both me and the gun (not a good Cracker Barrel one, an el-cheapo rip off rocking chair), and second was when I was sitting down to eat in a crowded restaurant, the end of the barrel caught the top of the chair next to me as I was sitting down, and started to push up, out of my holster as I was sitting down. I felt it moving, as well as being caught on the chair, and moved to the left just a bit to get off the other chair, calmly pushed the gun back down into the holster (was only up about of an inch) and sat down. Nobody even noticed, but it really got my attention. So, be careful – with this and any IWB/OWB holster in tight seating.

    --> Drawing capability: I did not order mine with the combat cut, but am planning on sending it back to get it done. I know several people have done it themselves, but I prefer to let the professionals at Crossbreed do it. I’ve not a leather/kydex master, and they are. :) When drawing without the combat cut, I do have to do a slight grip adjustment after clearing the holster. This is easy now, as I practice drawing a lot, but am looking forward to getting the combat cut done, and eliminate the grip adjustment.

    --> The clips that came with mine are the metal ones with the cross cutout. Crossbreed used to have kydex clips, and they had a lot of problems with them breaking. I have bent mine up a couple of times – always the rear clip, and when entering / exiting a vehicle. They can be bent back into shape with two needle nose pliers. This happened to be right after getting the crossbreed gun belt, and didn’t have the clip all the way down around the belt – the clip was up my belt. Also, I was carrying So, I blame myself for the clips bending. I’ve heard that there are new clips that have the cross raised instead of cut out, making it stronger. When I send mine in for the combat cut, I’m going to ask for the new clips too.

    --> If I had it to do all over again, I’d do change two things: I’d order horse hide instead of cow hide – better leather quality (doesn't affect function, just a personal preference), and I’d order it with the combat cut, as explained above.

    --> To sum it up, I love my SuperTuck Deluxe. I recommend it to anyone. In fact, I’ve loaned mine to three co-workers who also own an XD, just so they can get the feel of it, and they in turn have ordered one. Just remember these four things:
    • Get the combat cut if you want a faster draw time
    • Get a gun belt (recommend Crossbreed’s) in black if you will be tucking your shirt in a lot.
    • Go up a size (or two) in pants. Take your gun belt / holster / gun with you to try on new cloths to ensure proper fit and concealment.
    • Make sure you seat the clips all the way over the belt.
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  8. Thanks. This is EXTREMELY helpful!


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    Interesting thread... I just sold a holster to a guy who has a crossbreed super tuck... he was quite happy with the holster he had except for the fact that the grip rides above the belt line which tends to print. He routinely wears a tucked in shirt being a business professional... and needs to wear a sweater, or coat to conceal the butt. I guess there is a way to cover the gun and still tuck the shirt over it, but I would think that would make getting at it a little difficult without letting people know that is what you are doing. This last task is virtually impossible no matter how you carry which makes me think that the quickest access with the least amount of movement would be the best. Cross draw just above the waist at the 10-11 o'clock position fully exposed is the ideal.... you can almost... no quite but almost out draw a drawn weapon... if you are good. Like most I labored in finding the right holster for my life style, body style, dress style and decided to design my own. I came up with what I call the Phantom. The secret to it is the covert nylon mesh fabric that I use.

    Rather than ramble on and bore those who don't care...PM me and I'll be glad to discuss the development and features that I incorporate in it and why I feel they are important.

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    I'm considering getting a Cell Pal to carry a Glock 31. I also like that it will fit multiple guns. Anyone else have something to say about the Cell Pal?

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    Thanks for the Crossbreed report, I recently ordered one but it has not arrived yet, I now feel more comfortable with my purchase.
    I am one of those who has a large selection of holsters and that includes the pager pal, I didn't like that one but feel that the Supertuck will be a winner.
    I am also a little large around the middle and find just any holster doesn't work with the "dunlap" I will follow up when I have worn the Crossbreed a while.
    Buy the way the weapon is Kimber Ultra CDP 45

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