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    I quess I don't fit in on this thread, but I like my TCP versus the Kel-Tec or the Ruger LCP. There is no way in H--l I would pay $5 or 600 dollars for a .380!(Sig238 or PPKS) When I pull the trigger, my TCP goes bang until the mag is empty, then the slide locks back, which neither the 3AT or LCP does after the last round ejects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulIcemanMc View Post
    Everytime I see someone excited about their new Kel-Tec I remember the only time I shot one. I was not liking the way its recoil felt in my hand. I guess I am just spoiled with my Sig P232 or my PPKS. Those are the true "girl guns" my friends call them. But, you enjoy your Kel-Tec. Many of my friends sing their praises, but they are not the gun for me....
    I remember the first time I shot my LCP with defense ammo. WOW! That little gun was a handful, and fricking loud. Second time, not so much. After that I was completely used to it and wonder now why it was such a big deal. Well, because it was new and unexpected and surprising, it was a big deal at first. But not now. The reward is an incredibly light and small, reliable .380 that I carry at all times. Hardly notice it in my pocket or WB.

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