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    KelTec .380

    I was JUST Able to pick Up my Kel-tec .380 Auto yesterday.... WOW... You'ld be surprised The Hoops I have to jump thru to get one over here in Philippines !!
    I Could only find .380 Ball Ammo for the Pistol Right Now... two Boxes. I ordered two boxes of Federal .380 Hy-Shok HP Ammo.... But They Might take awhile. Another guy on my Team as a Kel Tec, and he said he could give me a Magazine full of his Speer Gold Dot...

    I have Already put 40 Rounds of the FMJ thru the Pistol and it functions perfect... and is quite accurate for a PURE Pocket Pistol. I can hit a Coffee can group at 12 feet..... This Pistol will be a 2nd BUG (to my primary GLOCK 19) ...or even a Thrid BUG for me.... Right now it sits in my Pocket with FMJ Win USA Ammo.... I Feel Well Protected.

    Stay Safe....


    Makait Manila

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    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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    I like the one I shoot and I find it's accuracy, is more than acceptable.

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    New Kel-Tec

    Everytime I see someone excited about their new Kel-Tec I remember the only time I shot one. I was not liking the way its recoil felt in my hand. I guess I am just spoiled with my Sig P232 or my PPKS. Those are the true "girl guns" my friends call them. But, you enjoy your Kel-Tec. Many of my friends sing their praises, but they are not the gun for me....
    The Iceman, Akron, Oh
    Shoot straight and be safe...

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    I like mine. For a small gun its a fine shooter.
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    Iceman... Yes, It's Not a "Shooter"... But, the size and weight of a PPK or Sig 232, I can Carry a Full Size Pistol... But, Thats Me... 75% of the time, My pistol can be carried either "open" or semi concealed... When I need Deep Cover BUG or a pure T-Shirt and Board Shorts... The KelTec is the size of most .25 ACP Pistols...
    So I agree with you..its not a comfortable gun to shoot...It feels small and like a toy...But it certainly isn't a Toy being a .380.

    God Bless and Stay Safe.... Captain

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    Hey Y'all: I do not like "stuff" in my pockets and on my person. I wanted to CC and chose the Kel tec P3AT (FYI--phonetically sound out 3AT and you get 380--how clever of them) because it is the lightest and the smallest (least expensive did not hurt either). Have gotten used to it in my pocket and have placed a piece of padding at rear and it does the trick in eliminating that nasty slam into the space between your thumb and forefinger. Never had a lick of trouble. Tried looking at a Bersa 380 and even tried carrying my 38 airweight--just could not stand the extra size and weight and know that I would find reasons not to carry. Learning to get better at point shooting so the sights on the keltec don't mean anything to me. I look at this form of CC as an "under 10 footer" with point shoot defense at center mass.

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    We can't buy Kel-Tec's new in the PRMA. However, you can buy used and get this....if you know an LEO, he or she can buy one new and then transfer to you. Perfectly legal. No time limit either. So....I planned on calling an LEO buddy of mine next month to see if we could do a transfer. I'm close to paying off a S&W M&P15T that I have on layaway. The 3AT is next on the list.

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    I agree. The 3AT is not a fun gun to shoot and it is definitely a "belly" gun. As a BUG, it is fine though and I do carry it in my back pocket--prints like a wallet. I recently purchased 20 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense ammo for it. Whoa!! Two rounds of the first magazine did not fire!! Primers were struck fine, but no bang! Hornady finally admitted to a friend of mine that they had some primer issues. I will not be betting my life on this ammo. I think the Federal is the way to go.

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    I have a Crimson Trace laser sight on my P3AT and I carry it in a Crossbreed IWB holster concealed under a "T" shirt.
    Nobody knows if I'm carrying or not.

    Love it.

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