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Thread: Fricker's shooting should not have happened...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmartinez95 View Post
    I remember my CHL instructor spent A LOT of time telling our class that if we're going to be drinking that we COULD NOT carry our firearms. Period. No room for discussion.

    This lady is lucky this bonehead only had a .32 on him or things could have been worse for her. I don't think that little blackberry would have been so effective against a larger round like a .45 or something, in my opinion.
    These were my exact first two thoughts except I thought them in the opposite order. After these I thought I should get a blackberry.

    Accidents happen. They just seem to happen to stupid ( irresponsible ) people more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    I"m not so quick to accept this, brickler. I agree with your basic premise, number of people and all that. But this guy made one stupid decision after another. A "mistake" is one thing, but repeated stupidity is quite another.
    Fair enough. My point was that I don't see the one bad apple as ruining the whole bunch. It was more about let's try to keep it in perspective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    This pisses me off to no end...Not that he was carrying where he shouldn't have been but that he was STUPID. He's drinking, for one thing, which is STUPID. Then, he's not taking care of his piece: it's floating in his coat pocket and he's taken off his coat, which is STUPID. Then, as he's putting on his coat, notices the slide is racked and "somehow" the gun goes off...STUPID.

    This guy's a poster child for the antis...and sets the Cause back...just because he was STUPID.
    I agree with JJFlash 100%!! W.T.F!!? F###ing amateurs! Itís hard enough for us to make progress with the 2A and ccw laws as it is. And this kind of B.S. doesnít help one bit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brickler View Post
    Fair enough. My point was that I don't see the one bad apple as ruining the whole bunch. It was more about let's try to keep it in perspective.
    Agreed. But it always makes me wonder: how many more are "out there" who take the minimal training and testing to get the CWP and then strap on a firearm and think they're good to go? Then, they end up "stupid" or worse, dead, or even worse still, shooting an innocent person whether by ND or otherwise. This guy, no way, no how, was sufficiently prepared to carry a firearm, IMHO. How many other "bad apples" do we have to worry about?

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    This is the problem with just dropping a gun in your pocket. It is going to get caught on something and go bang. Part of CCW should be a requirement to use a holster of some type. Most holsters would have prevented either or both the slide going back or the trigger being released.

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    This guy is an embarrassment to the whole CC clan. I know sometimes I want to throw my cell phone but I never thought to shoot it.

  8. It's pretty obvious that this guy isn't telling a truthful story to the authorities and/or news teams. First off, no matter how small the hand gun, I fail to see how the slide can be accidentally racked to the rear. The only time I've seen this happen is with really tight nylon holsters, which is why I keep my thumb over the hammer as I'm holstering. Even then, it's pretty rare that a slide will stay locked to the rear, unless you engage the slide lock, or a magazine is empty. There's a lot of tension on the spring, and certainly not enough to "accidentally" rack it. It's like some of my coworkers arguing over the fact I carry with a round chambered. With my P239 in DA mode, it's almost impossible to snag something with enough force, to cause it to go off. Guns today are engineered, and designed, to make sure that the only time they fire, is when you want them to, by pulling the trigger.

    My theory on this situation, is the guy was a little buzzed, reached into his pocket to find his hammer (not his slide) cocked to the rear, and in attempting to reset it, ended up firing the gun.

    Regardless of what actually happened though, this guy should not be allowed to CC anymore.

  9. 1) Ditto to all above. This was a MISSION to be KING IDIOT... and we all get to pay the price for it.

    2) Off topic: a coat pocket, a layer of denim, and a Blackberry stopped a 32acp round ?
    Wow, good news in this case, but I'm surprised.

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    I think there is still something fishy about this story. If the sleeve got "stuck" in the pocket how could he see the gun and know that the slide was back and then it goes BANG???? Something weird going on.
    Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress;
    but I repeat myself.
    Mark Twain

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    The reality is though if we want to get the RKBA to an unrestricted status then we have to be willing to let idiots get permits and then do a bunch of putting out fires when they do screw up. We have to be armed with our facts about how permit holder crime rates compare to non-permit holders. Or we can continue to let the states dictate various requirements and live by them and not complain about the restrictions.

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