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Thread: A dozen things people should know about concealed weapons permit holders

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    Very nice article. I did not know that carrying a firearm does not make me a superhero. Would have been nice to know this before leaping off my roof in an attempt to fly.

    While I certainly don't think everyone should be armed, I have often wondered what the effects of having kids in school take a hunters safety, or firearm safety course would be. No shooting is involved in the courses (at least in the hunter safety course I took when I was much younger), it teaches one how to safely handle fire arms and might make people realize that not everyone that owns a firearm is a criminal. I know it will never happen as parents would be inclined to think it'll teach their children how to become deadly marksman, but I truly am disgusted every time I read about a kid accidentally killing themselves with a gun carelessly left out in the open.
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    Great, I am sending it to everyone on my email list and asking them to do the same. Perhaps we all should do this.

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    This artical sounds very much like the essay by Marko Kloos, "The Munchkin Wrangler"
    Good Luck!!!

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