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    Cool Concealed Carry in other States

    hi I'm looking for a place to find the laws for concealed carry in the following States ? I'm traveling in Ohio,West Virginia,Virginia,North Carolina.Need to know where too and not to carry don't need to go to jail.
    Thanks Paul

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    Do you currently have a carry permit from your home state?

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Tucker's Mom View Post
    I really like that site, especially the trip planner, but unfortunately it is W-A-Y out of date.

    For example it says my Florida non-resident permit is not valid in West Virginia and North Carolina--WRONG!
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    What you need is right here... Concealed Firearm Permit Information By State
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    Smile Great Resource

    Thanks for this information, I'd been wondering how this was handled across state lines.

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    Yes I do have one from my home state.I think you for the links great infromation on those links has help with my planning for this trip.
    Thanks Paul

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