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Thread: CC violation penalties

  1. CC violation penalties

    I have been reviewing the restrictions for CC for my home state of Ohio, and I have two questions.

    1. Where can I find out what the penalties are for violation for-

    A. Carrying in a retail establishment with a posted "No CC sign" and

    B. Carrying in a place prohibited by law?

    I am not planning on violating the law, but I am curios as to what the penalties are if I forget that I am carrying. I assume that once you have carried for a while that it is like a lot of other things that you can get used to to the point of forgetting that you are carrying because it feels so natural.

    Also, when restrictions are mentioned relating to carrying in a Class D (liquor) establishment, I see a waiver for this if the person carrying is not consuming alcohol. Am I reading this correctly? We often go to restaurants that also serve alcohol, but I never drink so I wonder if this restriction would ever apply to me so long as I am not partaking. Places like Applebees come to mind.



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    Whenever I have questions here in Ohio I start here: Ohio CCW Information Center
    Hope this helps.

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    I just don't go to places where guns are not allowed or where there are signs so I do not get in trouble. It is as simple as that. In establishments, if they donot want pistol packin' mamas and papas around, they don't need my money...don't you think???
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  5. I can understand that you are afraid of the potential consequences if you end up carrying into a place where you, "forgot" you were carrying, but when you're dealing with a lethal weapon that has the power to end life instantly, simply, "forgetting" is not exactly the right mindset to see yourself in the future. You should never forget you are carrying. The day you catch yourself in the middle of the grocery store like, "Oh, I forgot, I'm carrying my gun," is the day you need to reevaluate whether or not you should be carrying in the first place.

    You should always have a heightened awareness when you're carrying. You should be aware of your surroundings, aware of the level of concealment of your gun, and so on...

  6. I am not suggesting that I would forget that I am carrying my gun. What I meant was that as a new CC person, I think it is expected that there is a learning curve as to where you can or can't carry. MY question stands- What are the penalites?

    My guess is that you are a young person who has a very high degree of confidence that you won't ever find yourself in a situation where you missed something. This happens from time to time no matter how careful we may be in areas where there is a high level of responsibility (I think it is called being human, but trying to minimize the potential of one's mistakes) An answer to the question, rather than a criticism of it, would be helpful.


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    I'm not from Ohio so I can't tell you what the penalties are, but Duke of Essex provided a good link that should answer your questions.

    Don't get offended by what Aresye said. It's excellent advice about mindset and he qualified it with "in the future".

    Regarding the posted establishments, you'll find that scanning entrances for valid No Guns signs will become as second nature as putting on your gun in the morning.

    Regarding places prohibitted by law, it's your responsibility to know - period. If you're not sure about someplace, lock the gun in the car, or don't go in, and make it a point to find for next time. If you "accidentally' find yourself packing in the Post Office or a federal facility, get the hell out ASAP!!!

    Welcome to the board and welcome to CCW.

  8. My apologies Neal, I was not intending my post to seem like criticism, or a personal attack. Trust me, I've made some dumb choices of words in other topics, and on these boards, it can get rough.

    Your state should have a website with a section all about CCW, and the laws pertaining to its acquisition, its use, and the proper protocol for when you're carrying, including a list of places it is unlawful to do so. You can also check this website, by clicking on the map for state gun laws on the home page. It's updated fairly frequently, but the most accurate information will still be from your state's website. Use Google, and other tools to find it. Digging for information is something you must learn to get good at, especially if you're planning to drive to a vacation spot. Every state is different, and you must put in the effort to research, print out legal documentation, and keep it on you. Almost everything about what we do is to maintain our status as law-abiding citizens, and if that status is put into question at any time, we have the documentation to prove it.

    As a general rule regardless of what state you're in, federal and government buildings are a no-no. If you go to Navy Federal Credit Union, it's considered a federal building as well (found that out last month). Post-office is a no-no, and likewise any bar/club/bar area in a restaurant are probably no-carry zones as well, along with any school, or school event.

    For some states, carrying in a no-carry store might be grounds for you to be escorted out, and then asked not to come back if you're still carrying. Other states could have penalties as bad as a felony, depending on where you carried into. You could face criminal charges, and definitely don't expect the mostly anti-gun media and public to help your side of the story, especially if you use words like, "I forgot." You could possibly have your CCW revoked, or in the case of a felony, never allowed to handle a gun again.

    As I've said before, the above is a general rule for most states, but each state is different, and it's up to you to dig for the information (Google is your friend).

    Congrats on getting your CCW btw, and welcome to the forum!

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    I am not an attorney but a quick read of Ohio Statute 2923.12 Carrying Conceal Weapons would indicate that violation is a misdemeanor of the first degree.

    Of course the two important things to keep in mind are ...

    1. Don't carry where you are not allowed.

    2. If you do, remember CONCEALED IS CONCEALED! Do NOT suddenly blurt out "Oh my god, I have my gun" and run for the door! That likely will get you arrested or killed. No one should ever know you are carrying concealed, so unless you plan on being questioned in one of these places for another reason, then just finish you business (or cease where you are) and quietly go on your way.

  10. Amen 2 Bear! Good advice.

    The Dove

  11. Neal if you were already taking the ccw class you should know the Ohio firearm laws.
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