Instructor's Insurance Woes?
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    Question Instructor's Insurance Woes?

    My husband and I have been Kentucky CCDW instructors for about 4 years now.

    We're shopping for homeowners and maybe business insurance. It appears that all homeowners companies won't even write a policy on the property, even with NRA Endorsed Instructors Insurance in place, if we intend to conduct live fire exercises of any kind. It's looking like we might need to split the property [homeowners on the house and yard - business insurance on the shop and other property?] and we're not sure yet if that is even an option.

    We're not a business as such. We have on average, one class per month and only average 4 students per class. Obviously, we're not making any money on this endeavor - and that's BEFORE we start buying specialized insurance. I'm thinking we're not alone. I'm curious to know how many folks out there are in a similar situation and are just keeping your fingers crossed and taking the chance. Of course, if someone has found an affordable solution to this situation, I'd love to know what it is. I'm sure others here would like to know too.

    Anyone out there conduct classes on private property that includes a residence? Anyone's homeowner's insurance okay with that? Or, if you are covered, what kind of coverage have you found?

    I'd appreciate any feedback! Thanks.

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    What about setting up a non-profit corporation for educational purposes? Since your business activities are educational it looks like you qualify. Please be advised, if you go that route, you cannot use money from your non-profit business for political contributions or lobbying efforts.

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    I don't know anything about Kentucky law, but previously had a similar situation in Pennsylvania where we controlled a large piece of property that was in a very rural area and was fine to set up berms and shoot.

    When we started talking doing training there we quickly found out that the second we charged anything (and potentially even if we did not charge if we offered it to the public in any way) then we became a business and a shooting range required to get all the licenses, approvals, permits, insurance, etc. Of course we quickly went back to "plinkin for our own fun" as the "official" use of our shootin' area.

    I think if the rules that affect us now were in place at the turn of the 20th century NONE of the business or expansion that made this country would ever have happened.

    Good luck finding a solution.

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    Thanks for the info folks. It's sounding all too familiar. :)

    I'm afraid for what it may end up costing us to provide what is basically a community service, we may have to give it up.

    We're still open to suggestions! Thanks and keep them coming.

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