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Thread: New law allows loaded guns in national parks

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    Be careful!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLT View Post
    One more false rumor that has circulated is that a state must allow firearms in state parks in order to be legal to carry firearms in National Parks. That rumor is false. Any prohibition on firearms in State Parks applies only to State Parks and not to National Parks in that state. State Parks and National Parks are two completely different entities and State Park rules and regulations do not affect and are not valid in National Parks.
    In the State of New York, a Bronx democrat introduced the "The Serano Bill (S.4753)" last year on June 4, 2009.

    "Albany, NY – Senator José M. Serrano moved quickly to ensure safety at state parks, in the wake of a reckless pro-gun provision that moved through Congress last month.

    The provision, tucked into a bill on credit card rules, allows park visitors to carry concealed weapons in national parks unless otherwise prohibited by state law.

    The Serrano bill (S.4753) would expressly ban concealed weapons in state parks, and thus ban them in New York’s national parks as well. On Thursday, it passed the Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks & Recreation Committee – chaired by the Senator – and will now proceed to the Codes Committee."

    Serrano Bill to Strengthen Gun Control in NY State Parks Passes Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks & Recreation Committee | New York State Senate

    This is the link to the actual Senate Bill.

    According to the National Park Service website:
    "State and local firearms laws vary. Visitors who would like to bring a firearm with them to a national park need to understand and comply with the applicable laws. More than 30 national parks are located in more than one state, so visitors need to know where they are in those parks and which state’s law applies."
    National Park Service Press Releases

    It appears that Bloomberg's anti-gun croonies made the new carry law in federal parks "null & void" in the entire state of New York.

    Other than "parks", this new law would have stretched to all property controlled by the National Park Service, which includes Ellis Island - NY, Statute of Liberty - NY & the George Washington Memorial Parkway - VA, which by the way takes you into Arlington, VA off of the Capital Beltway! I would not be surprised if other anti-gun mayors, senators and public officials would try and pull the same crap in other states.

    So please be careful!!!

    I would like to hear more about this.

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    I thought Liberals hated patchwork quilt laws?? One-size fits all healthcare - OK. One-size fits all gun law - not OK.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by ricardo900 View Post
    I would like to hear more about this.
    If a state has a statute that bans firearms in State Parks - as in those parks under the control and administration of some state department of parks and recreations - then that statute bans firearms only at specific locations - those state parks. That in no way applies to National Parks. A ban on firearms in state parks by state statute is no different than a ban on firearms at courthouses, schools, places serving alcohol, police stations, churches, banks, etc. Outside of those specific areas, the firearms ban does not apply.

    Now, if a state passes a statute that says firearms are banned in all parks within the state, regardless of which level of government has charge and control over the park.... then that is different altogether.

    But a National Park, under the control of the US Department of the Interior is a completely seperate place and entity than a New York State Park under the control of an agency of New York State government.

    Now, apparantly Congress did leave it open for a state to simply pass a statute that would ban firearms in National Parks within that state, which totally sucks.

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