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    I had a nice conversation with a gentleman at a local sporting goods shop at the firearms counter who was telling me about a group he is a part of that meets to practice their responces in a staged environment (what do you do when confronted with someone with a gun, especailly if you have a loved one with you, etc.) rather than just shooting at targets.

    I called my neighbor back in Ohio and he said that he is not aware of any such group in our area. Any idea of the best way to find such a group? What is the general opinion of other forum partcipants on their experience with similar groups?



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    It seems like a good idea to me. I would be sure that whoever is running the show is knowledgeable and competent, just to ensure you're not further enabling any existing bad habits.

  4. If there are no IDPA or similar groups in your area, why not form a group?

  5. Actually, that thought went through my mind. We own 11 acres in the middle of nowhere (most of it in woods) and our neighbor owns another 8 or 9 and we both have CC permits. Sounds like a business opportunity..


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    IDPA is a great sport.

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