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    I got an emailed from Armed Citizenn.

    February 26, 2010

    Hello fellow Armed Citizen!

    Get ready for a juicy start to the Armed American Report this week, because you are going to love this.

    We all know there are a lot of problems with our great country right now, but here's some GOOD news: There are still plenty of GOOD Americans out there, making a difference where it counts. Heck you're one of them, and here's another:

    Colorado State University has recently banned concealed weapons on campus. No, that's not the good news- that's stupid news. But listen to this: The sheriff in that count (Larimer County), a Mr. James Alderden is NOT happy about it. It gets better...

    He's publicly announced the following:

    "I have told the CSU police chief I will not support this in any way. If anyone with one of my permits gets arrested for concealed carry at CSU, I will refuse to book that person into my jail. Furthermore, I will show up at court and testify on that person's behalf, and I will do whatever I can to discourage a conviction. I will not be a party to this very poor decision."

    If your eyes aren't already watering, read what he said next:

    "It's a weapons-free zone for law-abiding people, and it won't do a single thing to keep armed criminals off of campus. It will only ensure them a lot of defenseless victims. The people who did this are lost in their own world of ideological liberalism. You would think people involved in academia would want to deal in data and experience, but this has been all about emotion."

    Wow! Does that guy think like us, or what? What a hero. Here's to YOU, Sheriff Alderden, on behalf of 150,000 respectable, peace-loving, law-abiding armed citizens. Friend- there's a poll on the story, at THIS OUR VIEW: Sheriff says he'll undermine gun ban | state, gun, - Opinion - Colorado Springs Gazette, CO website. I just voted that the students should LISTEN to their wise Sheriff, and ignore the gun-ban, and I encourage you to do the same. When I voted, 92% of the 2,935 respondents agreed with me. Let's get to work voting, and get that number up to 99%!

    Before we get started, there's one more bit of good news. I don't know if you're into gadgets or not, but if you are, and if you have an iPhone, you might be interested in an iPhone app that I came across after someone pointed it out to me recently. It basically lets you set up handy little dry-fire practice drills. Its called Dry Fire Trainer.

    Check it out here: DRY FIRE TRAINER
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    Suhweet! If I lived there, I would look up the good Sheriff and shake his hand.

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    I'm against the cloning of humans but in this case I would make an exception. Ok, Danica Patrick too but that would be the limit. I feel there are probably more like him but they don't have the balls to say that publicly.
    Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress;
    but I repeat myself.
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