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    Several weeks ago I made a couple of posts with questions about whether it was worthwhile to get a FL CC permit. A number of people offered helpful input, and it was not hard to pursuade me that it was a good idea. I thought that I would report back that I applied for my permit on Wednesday, February 24 and when I went to my mailbox today (Friday, March 5) the permit had arrived. Nine days including mail time! I was actually impressed with the service of a governmental agency (for the first- and probably last- time in my life).


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    They have really gotten their act together since 115 days when I applied a little less than a year ago..

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  4. Out of curiousity, how did you apply for it? Method of application? Did you visit one of their offices (DOACS) or electronic fingerprints or just go with the good old hard copy forms?

  5. Did you mail your fingerprints to them or did you have a law enforcement agency in Florida do it?

  6. Took my non-res permit 16 days including 3 days for a letter they sent me asking me to call them :( I just went on-line and downloaded the forms, went to the police dept for fingerprints and stuck it in the mailbox.

    All phone contact and e-mail with Fla. was professional and the folks were just plain nice. The reason they have turned the Dept around was that the funds they raise go back into the Department instead of into state coffers! They took the state to court when Fla tried to siphon off some of their "surplus".

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    Congrats Neal! Glad your experience was a good one.
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  8. We were in Pensacola for vacation, so I went in in person. They took care of the fingerprinting, photo, and notarization of the application. We were in FL for 5 weeks, I called for my appointment the week of Feb.1 and the earliest that they had an opening was Feb. 24.

  9. Everything was done in a single visit with them (in person), even the completion of the application.

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