Update on S&W M&P9c Ejection Problem
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Thread: Update on S&W M&P9c Ejection Problem

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    Update on S&W M&P9c Ejection Problem

    Wanted to update everyone on my Dec/Jan problem with my S&W M&P9c ejection problem.

    After I got my gun back from S&W Warranty Repair shop where they tweaked the ejector, it still was having problems ejecting, but not as much.

    Then...I thought...

    Ok...I'll just re-oil as much of the handgun as I can without dis-assembling it, along with re-oiling my 2 magazines.

    Surprise! Surprise!

    To date I have fired around 60 rounds WITHOUT A FAILURE TO EJECT! Makes me wonder... Anyway, with re-oiling and getting more rounds through it, it is now working fine (knock on wood).

    My new leather DeSantis holster in belt carry and canted is very balanced and I just know it is there enough to not forget it! Fits real good. I plan to get another DeSantis for my Beretta 96.

    Y'all be careful out there...ya hear!


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    I'm starting to believe that S&W should stick to wheel guns.
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