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  1. Exclamation Asking for EVERYONE'S Help Please!

    OK folks, I told you all I would ask for your help when the time came and that time is now! My bill did not make it to a final vote last year because of last minute amendments and I do not want this to happen again.

    My bill would remove any non-violent misdemeanors more than 10 years old as a preclusion that would prevent issuing of a concealed Carry Permit. I NEED this to pass!

    I need to inundate the OK Legislature with the attached letter (for your convenience but feel free to change it). Now here’s the catch. The amendment they have attached this year is for OPEN CARRY in Oklahoma! Even though I support this, my PRIMARY concern is that MY bill goes through no matter what. The legislature can vote on MY bill separately if the Open Carry gets bogged down (and it likely will as this session calendar is pretty full already).

    PLEASE send my (attached) letter to the e-mail addresses below (in the attached letter). I plan on sending a letter to each and every member of the House and Senate. If you live in OK you should do the same! The NRA is firmly behind the Open Carry and MY bill as well. I want to make sure they both pass, but I would like to make sure mine gets through this year. Feel free to support Open Carry in your letter but please mention that the ORIGINAL HB2327, “Self-Defense Act; deleting certain condition from the mandatory preclusions” gets to a vote on its own if Open Carry is going to hold it back this session. They are two separate items and can be voted on separately without harming the chances that Open Carry will or will not make it!


  3. BTW, you do not have to be a resident of Oklahoma to do this. The more messages they get, the better. Many politicians have designs on National office and they love to think they are expanding the pool of potential voters. Please help no matter where you live. What helps one state, helps us all!


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    Sounds like a worthy endeavor.

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