Carry beyond the bang?
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Thread: Carry beyond the bang?

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    Carry beyond the bang?

    More and more recently I have been studying and seeing more information on important carry weapons beyond the gun. Although I have been known to carry a cheapy pocket knive or a mini-mag flashlite, the more I see the more I realize that investing in a GOOD knife and a GOOD tactical light at back-up weapons (as well as useful tools) and carrying them all the time (with the appropriate training) is a good idea, especially since the light goes into all the gun free zones.

    I know a lot of the people here are on the full arsenal bandwagon but I just wondered how prevelent and useful you all think it is, and do you have any "must have" items.

    As auto knives are legal carry in Florida I am thinking Microtech UTX70 DA OTF as it is small and supposedly extreamly well built and the Bright-Strike 210 lumen BD-198 Blue Dot lite.

    Opinions welcome.

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    I don't know. For me it's bad enough to have to carry a gun. I remember the good old days when I never felt the need. But do I have to carry a flashlight and a knife and some MREs and a lighter and a GPS and on and on? At some point it feels absurd.
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    Proficientcy with pistols and edged weapons have always been the marks of a true gentleman. Liberals hate true gentlemen. Carry a gun, have a pocket knife, wear a leather jacket, talk on CB radio, listen to talk radio shows (particularly if the are on AM instead of FM) and do as many other benign things to annoy the liberals.

    I am partial to Cold Steel knives myself.

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    i carry my hand gun, folder knife and now a streamlight tlr-2 light. rather be able to light someone up with a light and blind them then not be able to see'em, but that works for me. it might not be right for you.

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    Consider a small pepper spray (10% pepper concentration - minimum) and some type of impact weapon - even if it's only a good stiff pen - in addition to your gun. A good pocket knife is also another good tool. You never want your gun to be your only line of defense. I have a sturdy high-intensity light that can also be used as a pretty formidable impact weapon. Be creative. I like the Spitfire pepper spray because it doesn't look like a pepper spray; plus you can spray it from the hip. You don't have to raise it up and telegraph the fact that you are about to spray mister bad guy. It's carried in Gander Mountain and on their website.

    Remember: Pepper spray is most effective at the end of the cone when sprayed - that's where the liquid carrier evaporates and the fine pepper particles are disbursed into the mucus membranes and eyes of your attacker; so be sure to test your pepper spray at least once to see how far it sprays. If the cone sprays out 4 feet, that's how far you should be from your attacker.

    If you spray someone too close, you just get them wet and mad. Move if you must to keep the wind at your back.
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    Sounds like a lot of wanna-be-cops. I carry to protect myself from criminal attack, which usually happens at arm's length. I don't think I'll need to light anybody up and I'm certainly not going to try spraying them first.
    Avidshooter (Texas)
    "The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits." -- Plutarch

  8. Quote Originally Posted by AvidshooterTX View Post
    Sounds like a lot of wanna-be-cops. I carry to protect myself from criminal attack, which usually happens at arm's length. I don't think I'll need to light anybody up and I'm certainly not going to try spraying them first.
    Yep and I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried out by 6. Except I just shot someone because they said "give me your wallet" Tuns out is was a 13 yr old with a cap gun. Or you see that woman dragged into the bushes and are watching her be raped, except after the bang, she says it was her boyfriend and you just came up and shot him. Or the guy beating on his wife in the car behind you where you know he is going to kill her.
    There are plenty of situations were a response is justified, or even required, but where lethal force may not be. Even on a hardened criminal, I would much rather not shoot someone, killing a person is about the second worse thing I can think of.
    Someone comes up behind you and yells "Give me your wallet" turn and shine light in his eyes and blind him as you draw. Survival rate for everyone goes up, target clearly identified before firing. Woman dragged into bushes, a tazer has limited or no liability, guy beating his wife in the car, ask her if she needs help, if yes, peel back the weatherstripping and spray pepper spray into the car, watch how fast both parties exit the vehicle. In every case, no one dies, no one spends the rest of their life in prison.
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    I think a good tactical flash light is almost a must. I carry a Striion by Streamlight. Small, extremely bright and and can be recharged. A pocket knife is probably a good idea as well.
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    One of my favorite blogs has this
    Traditionally, one should not be caught away from your house without a knife and a way to make fire somewhere on your person.
    (from an old post: The LawDog Files: The Paw of Approval)

    Further in that post he adds to include a light, and brags on one in particular (brand/model not important so not posted directly, read the link if you must know).

    I do not find carrying a reasonable sized knife, and a small (but sturdy) flashlight to be excessive, IMO. Not so sure about the pepper spray, by the time you've got that much stuff, you've got Batman's gadget belt. (LEO's notwithstanding)
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    just a question but if you taze a guy who is "raping" a woman wouldnt you effectively taze the woman also? just A question and it all sounds like good advice but I dont think I am going to be the one with more then my weapon and my knife. Just a thought.
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