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    I am looking for the article, and for all my memory is worth, it may have been an old post here, but it put the caliber issue to bed. It is all about shot placement. I'll try to find an article. My thought is go to a shop with a range and see what feels better to you. They may not have the exact gun you are looking for, but if you try a similar based gun, like say a Glock in 9mm and similar setup in .45, then that will speak volumes to the general performance and handling of the caliber.

    For me, I am looking at getting a 9mm, for many reasons. I already have a .40 and a .45 in similar form factor hand guns. For me, I like the .45 a bit better than the .40, but it is mainly a price point, selection and availability of ammunition. Which goes back to one of my reasons at looking at a 9mm. There are a myriad of options available in types of ammo available for the 9mm, and it is considerably less expensive and tends to be more readily available.


    Found the article. It is a PDF. WARNING: Graphic images!

  3. Paul,

    A 9mm can also leave the house though, too, correct? I think I may be hearing you say that a 45 may be overkill (no pun intended).


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    i carry on my person a .40 cal and with the right loads ive got over 500lbs of energy. i would go with the .45, but ive always liked the .40 cal more imho. if ur worried about it leaving a room look into frangible ammo like powerball or glaser bluesafty slug or a extream shok round. hope it helps! and i too am jelous of your kimber.


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    [QUOTE=Neal;120374]I just bought a new Kimber 1911 Ultra Carry 45. This unit is made in both a 45 and 9 mm, but the dealer only had the 45 in stock. When I got to the gun shop, they had 3 units and sold one of them while I was there.

    I know that the 45 has a lot more knock-down power, but I am also planning to use this for target practice to get very comfortable with it. the 45 ammo is about $ 5 a box more than the 9 mm, and I am wondering if this is a big enough factor to go with the 9 mm over the 45. the 9 mm version also holds one more round in the magazine.

    I am curious to know others thoughts on the 45 vrs 9 mm option. I can probably afford the higher cost of the 45, but it also has a lot more kick to it than the 9 mm and it is hard for me to envision an environment where a 9 mm would not have enough knock-down power (especially with a defense load).

    I would love to hear what others think.


    Neal, congratulations on your new kimber. It is a fine pistol.

    To answer your question, it must be understood that shot placement is critical.

    If you don't hit your target, it does not matter what kind of firearm you are using.

    I have found that 45 is more like $10. more per box then 9mm. 9mm will buy more practice rounds per dollar.

    I have shot thousands of .45 rounds. Somewhat less 9mm.

    If, I were headed into harms way, and my only choice was either a .45, or a 9mm, I would hands down bring a Glock 17 in 9mm.

    Why? for every round out of the .45, i can shoot two, or even three 9mm.

    I am not talking spray and pray here. I am talking about accurate, delivered fire power.

    With modern bullet construction, a LEO 9mm round will work just fine.

    I really don't care what the so called experts say about bringing the largest caliber you can safely handle, or only bring something starting with (4) to a gun fight. To me, these are just cliche's.

    I understand that a 9mm might not take down a drugged up, angry terrorist as well as the .45. I am willing to take that chance. Most of us our civilians. Odds are we will never have to shoot anyone.

    I know what works for me. Perhaps for others it is another caliber.

    BTW, I CC a revolver. Semi auto's are not reliable enough for CC IMO.

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    I have two 45s a Bersa and a G-21, a G-27 40 two 9mms and a 38 S&W snubby, ANY of them will shoot thru a wall maybe two walls, so do not let tha be a factor, if your worryed about that at home, get some frangable ammo to load for just in case at home, Kimbers are a fine weapon so I understand if you would not want two, the 45 and the 9mm, my advice would be get your Kimber 45, for a main carry, and also get a inexpensive 9mm to use at the range, now I said inexpensive NOT CHEAP, Tuarus makes a fine 9mm the PT-709 slim, my wife and I each have one its a sweet shooting little gun with very low felt recoil

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    I used to dislike the .45. I now own 3 of them. And I can get Winchester white box for $35.00/100 round box at Wally World. The more I shoot 'em, the more I like the .45. I believe you will learn to love your little Kimber. I love mine.

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    I have had to use a 9mm and a 45 cal. I had to fire several rounds of the 9mm to stop the attack, 5 to the chest and one to the head. The 45cal I fired 1 time center mass. If I had to choose 45cal. loaded with a good hollowpoint or simliar load.
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    If you want something that is fun and less expensive to shoot, go with the 9mm. If you want stopping power, go with the
    .45. You might have to shoot it a little more to get proficient with it, but once you get used to the report and the recoil
    you'll find that you can get back on target just about as quickly as with a 9mm. I assume that the reason that you're going to
    carry a weapon is in the event that you do have to shoot someone that you want to stop that person's aggression and
    neutralize them as quickly and efficiently as possible. For my 2 cents worth --- .45 hands down. It's worth the extra money
    for ammo and training to have the peace of mind it brings.
    Kill them all and let God sort them out!

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    You will hear debate after debate about"stopping power". I also remember a story about an officer that shot a BG over 20 times with a 40 cal. before stopping him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LGH View Post
    I have had to use a 9mm and a 45 cal. I had to fire several rounds of the 9mm to stop the attack, 5 to the chest and one to the head. The 45cal I fired 1 time center mass. If I had to choose 45cal. loaded with a good hollowpoint or simliar load.
    This is the third time in three days I have seen individuals on this website claim to have used deadly force on other human beings. This particular person claims to have shot two people. IMO these claims of heroics are simply not true, and are made up for entertainment value. I for one consider taking a human life a very serious matter. I am not impressed by these braggarts claims of bravado. I find their conduct to be most despicable.

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