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Thread: States with Shall Issue permits. How long did you wait?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommustangii View Post
    i liv in sc and took right at 3months for mine to come back.
    Same here. I think it was 93 days or something like that for my original, which I got back when the program was fairly new and therefore swamped with applications. My dad took his test 2 -3 weeks after I did and got his like 3 days after I did. My last renewal took 36 days to be issued, plus 8 to reach me (including the 4th of July weekend).

    I picked up on something when I called about my renewal Tuesday. My permit was "issued" on June 30 but I didn't receive it until July 8. So apparently (and it make sense I guess) the state has 90 days to "issue" the permit, but it may take longer before you actually get it.

    Also even though my permit was issued on June 30, it is good until July 9, 2014.

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    Thanks for the info i put the application in the mail yesterday Iam ging to see if i can track down my hunter safety But i took it in the early 70's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex220 View Post
    There isn't any set time for a CPL to be approved or denied, really. If someone's NICS and III come back clear and whatever other local checks are made, a person can have their CPL in a matter of days.

    Other times, 'issues' are revealed that need further investigation. For instance, an arrest from many years previous from a different state that needs follow up to ensure it doesn't fall under one of the prohibitive crimes that would disqualify a CPL from being issued.

    That sort of thing takes time for communication between agencies and courts to determine the disposition of an arrest in the past.

    btw, I work for the Police Department of one of the largest cities in WA state and am the one that performs the backgrounds and issues CPLs for my department.

    Incorrect sir.

    WA statute does give 30 day deadline for residents...60 days for non-residents.

    RCW 9.41.070
    Concealed pistol license Application Fee Renewal.

    (1) The chief of police of a municipality or the sheriff of a county shall within thirty days after the filing of an application of any person, issue a license to such person to carry a pistol concealed on his or her person within this state for five years from date of issue, for the purposes of protection or while engaged in business, sport, or while traveling. However, if the applicant does not have a valid permanent Washington driver's license or Washington state identification card or has not been a resident of the state for the previous consecutive ninety days, the issuing authority shall have up to sixty days after the filing of the application to issue a license. The issuing authority shall not refuse to accept completed applications for concealed pistol licenses during regular business hours.

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    I took the required course here in SC over one weekend, which included the fingerprinting and range time, with both of my parents. We mailed our applications and all required paperwork and checks the following Monday.

    On a Saturday about three months later we all went to a local gun and knife show. I picked up an inexpensive IWB holster, as did my father. My mother picked up a S&W M&P .40 on advice from a Federal judge friend of hers. On the ride back to their house, we were all commenting on how nice it would be to actually be able to carry our weapons. We arrived at their house, checked the mail... and all three of our CWPs had arrived. (I was contracting out-of-state at the time and was technically "living" at their house and using it as my residence address.) Talk about good timing! They arrived 90-something days after the apps were mailed.

    (On an off-topic side note, that IWB holster, which cost me all of $14, has ended up being my favorite daily use holster. Go figure.)
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    Seventy days for Arkansas. However, I had to send in a new fingerprint card as the FBI rejected mine so that added about a month to the overall time. My buddy got his in around 45 days. That said, I am happy it came. Now, to trade my no longer used .375 H&H for a couple of nice carry guns...

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    Polk County, Oregon. Less than 2 weeks.

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    South Dakota, apply in person at the Sheriffs office in the county where you live, answer the few questions on the form. Go back 5 days later with 10 dollars in hand, walk out with temp permit. Permit is good for four years. No fingerprints, no picture, no mandatory training class, NO hassle.

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    We're very fortunate here in Williams County. Ohio.My original request for a CCW required a 1 day wait. My renewel last year was the same. I applied both times on a Friday afternoon and bvecause that particular office was closed on weekends I had to wait until Monday morning at 9:00AM to pick them up. Some of my friends told me an occasional backup due to demand may acause a 1 or 2 day delay. But the sheriff is most understanding and apologetic in those cases, which are rare.

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    Thanks for the info on PA got my permit today It only took about 1 week

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