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Thread: States with Shall Issue permits. How long did you wait?

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    Arizona received my application on November 20. They issued on Novemver 24.

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    I live in OR and recently applied for both OR and WA. I had the OR in my hand in about 2.5 weeks and WA in about 3.5 weeks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by NMHunter View Post
    When I got my original license the law said that the DPS, state police, had "90 days from the return of the background check" I called after 90 days and was told they were waiting for "the other background checks." When I pointed out that by law they had 90 days from THE background check I was told that they could run as many background checks as they wanted. I called the governors office and had it within a week.
    That depends on what the definition of background is.

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    Mine took 28 days. Came in the Mail, fully laminated. Alaska has us all beat though. They can carry concealed without a licence. I guess we all loose.
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    In NH I was issued my LICENCE in 7 days. The law here is 14 days issue or not.

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    I live in Nashville,Tn. They told me 90days...but after a couple calls and a fax, I got it in just a little over 5 months.

  8. In VA,it can take up tp 45 days. I understood it as,if it doesnt arrive in 45 days,you get it by default. It took me 2 weeks,from submiting application and getting fingerprinted. Good state that still understands our God given rights.

  9. 23 days from paying the circuit court clerk to in my hand in the mail. Pittsylvania county Va (the largest county in the state )

  10. I live in Fairfax County VA... and I got mine in 30 days. I was concerned because right after I turned in my application and payment for the permit, I read an article in the Washington Post that the Circuit Court Clerk was arrested for embezzling money from the Court's Civil Intake Division! It was the same woman to whom I'd paid my fee. Ugh. Fortunately, it didn't affect me and 30 days after, I was carrying.

  11. Va...$50.00...2 weeks!!!

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