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Thread: States with Shall Issue permits. How long did you wait?

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    In MO mine took two weeks.
    +1, same here

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    Hello, new to this web site. It took 5 days here in West Virginia and my father inlaw who lives in PA walked into the local courthouse and came out in 15 minutes with his. Gotta love that!

  4. Florida is tops!

    [QUOTE=buckslayer;123584]I was just wondering how long it actually took for you to get your permit in the mail in some of the "Shall Issue" states.
    Minnesota takes "UP TO" 30 days, Utah takes "UP TO" 60 days, and Florida is "UP TO" 90 days. lets see who got theirs back the fastest.

    Me, I'm sitting on 2 weeks without my Utah permit yet, and still haven't applied for Florida yet, and may not really need it.[/QUO

    Only two weeks in the sunshine state, all submmited electronically.

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    I live in PA and my first took about 15 minutes. I needed to take the license to be laminated at a drug store. I renewed it last year and it took about 25 minutes because they took my picture and it is on a plastic card much like a drivers license. Most of the time was waiting for the card to be printed.

  6. Got to love PA. They understand the Second Amendment. God Bless Pa.

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    to all,

    TOO LONG because the judge's "underaged & under-qualified" law clerk (a new attorney, about 22 years young) kept being UNABLE to UNDERSTAND that commissioned officers of the US armed forces do NOT have "honorable discharges" OR any other kind of discharge.

    she kept asking me in letters/emails/faxes for me to send her my "discharge papers" - i kept telling her that my certificate of RETIREMENT from the Army was an equivilent, but to no avail.
    (ONLY enlisted personnel get a "discharge".)

    in order to "evaluate a sunrise" you should at least have seen THE SUN, at some time or other!

    yours, TN46

  8. Ct. says it's 60 days. I got mine 10 weeks and a day.


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    It takes close to 90 days in S.C.

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    I live in Maine and had to apply to the Maine State Police for my permit as I live in the town that does not have their own police department. They said 30 days, but I received it in about 45 days - not too bad for Maine (life in the slow lane here).

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    In N.H. The law says they must issue/deny in 14 days. If denied, the reason shall be stated in writeing,and delivered by mail within 14 days. you have 30 days after that to appeal. court shall hold that hearing within 14 days. Fee $10.00
    I got mine in 7 days. here they're pretty strict about it. Every one I know is licenced. 14 days is the average. My son got his on the spot. Wouldn' it be nice to be able to get a National licence the same way!!!!

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