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Thread: States with Shall Issue permits. How long did you wait?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juanito View Post
    Just sent in my Utah paperwork (4-23-10). Any guess on how long it will take for me to get my CCW permit? Thanks all
    I mailed my app on 2/1/2010 and license was issued 3/31/2010....received it about 4/14

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    No Ashtabula home county, Lake is the county next door. Yes thats right the county that the judge said "arm yourself" is home, but quite a few from Ashatbula go next door to Lake county. They have great hours, no limits and the deputy that I delt with was a great guy.

  4. In VA,mine took 14 days. Good deal.

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    I live in Nevada. My local sheriff's office advertised up to 120 days but it only took about 3 weeks. I had to go pick it up however, it was not mailed to me as I had to sign it before lamination.

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    At the time I took my class (Texas CHL), the instructor told us that it had been taking much longer that usual, up to 180 days; but I received mine in the mail exactly 30 days after I mailed the required documents to the state.
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    Walked in the paperwork to the Arkansas State Police HQ myself two days after the CHL class. Was told it could be as long as 120 days. Been waiting almost thirty days, thus far.

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    From Michigan, Flint Area, I was told within 90 days, I had gotten mine in 5 weeks, IMO it took too long, but before ya know it, its there.
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    I'm in Nevada I applied on 5/10/10 so I'll let you know when I get it
    I'm told Utah is very backed up I sent that out on the 11th of may

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    In Indiana, if you are just renewing your CCW, it only seems to take about 3-4 weeks to issue the new permit. If you are getting it for the first time, it seems to take up to 8 weeks to be issued to the applicant.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by buckslayer View Post
    I was just wondering how long it actually took for you to get your permit in the mail in some of the "Shall Issue" states.
    Minnesota takes "UP TO" 30 days, Utah takes "UP TO" 60 days, and Florida is "UP TO" 90 days. lets see who got theirs back the fastest.

    Me, I'm sitting on 2 weeks without my Utah permit yet, and still haven't applied for Florida yet, and may not really need it.
    Going on a month without my Utah. Sent in 2 weeks ago for the Florida.

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