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Thread: States with Shall Issue permits. How long did you wait?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckslayer View Post
    I was just wondering how long it actually took for you to get your permit in the mail in some of the "Shall Issue" states.
    Minnesota takes "UP TO" 30 days, Utah takes "UP TO" 60 days, and Florida is "UP TO" 90 days. lets see who got theirs back the fastest.

    Me, I'm sitting on 2 weeks without my Utah permit yet, and still haven't applied for Florida yet, and may not really need it.

    In 1970 when I got my first carry permit in Delaware it took 2 week and they actually had an investigator come out and interview you now all they do is process the paperwork and it has gone to 90 days. Som much for Technology. Funny thing is I had to have a Background check for my FFL a back ground Check for my Conceled Carry permit and now in Delaware you have to have a special license call a professional dealer in deadly weapons which you guess it another background check each of which cost around 35 bucks. They have found a cash cow in this business. As they all use AFIS and Live Scan your information is at thier fingertips at any moment and in fact I just installed AFIS scanners into our police cars so I can see no reason for 3 background checks over a period of one month.
    There is also a lot of confusing over the Fl carry permit and everyone is rushing to get one. It comes through their department of agraculture of all places but is not worth a hoot if you do not have some connection to FL such as a residence of place you can call yours. A lot of people are thinking that you can get a FL permit and not have to get one for Delaware and Delaware is their state of residance. Read the fine print. Delaware is pretty much a give me state on the permits now as vertually everyone that can breath and not have a criminal record or PFA against them will get it. Only thing that has changed that did get me a bit was they did away with the Military exemption where if you had prior military experiance where you know you had firearms training you would not have to do the course but again money prevails and you have to take the class no matter how many tours you served in a combat situation. Kind of boring I thought.
    Good luck to all those in CA, MD, and NJ as I have just quit selling guns to those states as they will come back and bite you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by troutfishn View Post
    I live in Nevada. My local sheriff's office advertised up to 120 days but it only took about 3 weeks. I had to go pick it up however, it was not mailed to me as I had to sign it before lamination.
    Which county had you go pick it up? Las Vegas said it usually takes 30 days to issue permit, but sometimes can take longer due to special events (like census).

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    Las Vegas

    I applied on May 10th I called today and they said 4- 6 weeks the lady asked me when I applied and I told her she said they were doing May 5th today so about another 2 weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronsmag View Post
    I applied on May 10th I called today and they said 4- 6 weeks the lady asked me when I applied and I told her she said they were doing May 5th today so about another 2 weeks
    I applied on May 24 so going to be at least another two weeks before they get to my application. One person told me it will take 30 days, another said it could take 90 days. The class instructor said to expect it to take the full 120 days if you have a common name. Don't know what to think now. Then again the instructor said that it can take four or five hours to apply due to the long lines having to go from station 4 to station 6, etc. I was in and out in less than an hour on a Monday around 11 am.

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    I'm located in Texas and I attended my class on Jan. 16th, 2010. The package was in the mail on the 18th. Oops! I sent my color copies instead of the orignals. I responded once I received the letter from Texas DPS. The package was put back into the mail (again.....), the state of Texas issues me my permit on Feb. 11th, 2010. So, including a little bit of a senior moment, I received my permit in 24 days. This is significantly better than last year.
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    A friend of mine applied in IN on March 8th and just got hers yesterday. I applied on 3 May so that puts me right about 3 Jul. When my son applied the other day they told him 10-16 weeks. OUCH!

  8. My application went to Utah 2 months ago and still waiting. Submitted the Florida application a month ago and already received it. Wonder what is keeping Utah so long? Anyone with insight?

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    In North Carolina it depends upon the county you live.. In Granville County it took 2.5 weeks for mine to be approved. The State requires the County Sheriff to issue within a 90 day period, or tell you why they will not.
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    I reside in Richmond, VA. I submitted my renewal CHP application at 1600 hours on June 3rd. I received my CHP in todays mail. Took 10 business days!

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    I mailed my Fl application from Aghanistan on 4 MAY and received my permit in Afghanistan on 2 JUN...not bad, huh??

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