States with Shall Issue permits. How long did you wait?
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Thread: States with Shall Issue permits. How long did you wait?

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    States with Shall Issue permits. How long did you wait?

    I was just wondering how long it actually took for you to get your permit in the mail in some of the "Shall Issue" states.
    Minnesota takes "UP TO" 30 days, Utah takes "UP TO" 60 days, and Florida is "UP TO" 90 days. lets see who got theirs back the fastest.

    Me, I'm sitting on 2 weeks without my Utah permit yet, and still haven't applied for Florida yet, and may not really need it.
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    I live in Texas, and by law they are supposed to get it back to you within 60 days. For a while after Obama took office it was taking up to SIX MONTHS for people to get their license, due to the overwhelming flood of applicants. They recently made some changes, and it seems to have helped. I recently applied for mine back in January and had it in my hand in 24 days. Not bad!

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    In some counties in PA you can walk out with it in 20 minutes. If you as a non-resident applied to Centre County sheriff thru the mail round trip would take about 2 weeks.

    I got my non-res CT thru the mail, round trip 40 days. I mailed my non-res app to UT on Feb 1...still waiting for it.

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    I am from Michigan and I applied for my CCW through Macomb County November 09 and had mine issued February 19th.

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    When I got my original license the law said that the DPS, state police, had "90 days from the return of the background check" I called after 90 days and was told they were waiting for "the other background checks." When I pointed out that by law they had 90 days from THE background check I was told that they could run as many background checks as they wanted. I called the governors office and had it within a week.

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    Mine took 1 week after I filled out the paperwork. In Florida where I live, you can go directly to a regional office and fill out the paperwork online. They even take your picture and scan your fingerprints. The catch is that it is by appointment only. I waited 4 weeks for my appointment. Current waiting time for an appointment is 6 to 7 weeks.
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    The last I had read, UT was coming in right around 55 to 60 days. Last year, it took almost 4 months for mine to come.
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    i liv in sc and took right at 3months for mine to come back.

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    In MO mine took two weeks.

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    NC is "...up to 90 days". And it varys widely by county. Some counties typically issue permits within 30 days or so, while others (like my county) take the full 90 days.


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