Applying for out of state Mass LTC
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Thread: Applying for out of state Mass LTC

  1. Applying for out of state Mass LTC

    i was curious if anyone has had an experience with applying for an out of state LTC for mass. i am currently a NH resident which i have a LTC for. i am 21 years old and i have completed the required course from a Mass certified instructor, no criminal history, and I am currently a junior in college en route to a career in law enforcement (criminal justice major). i was wondering if anyone could give me an insight on whether or not i will receive a class a no restrictions license from mass with my above resume. Thanks everyone

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    If you can achieve divine intervention, it would prove very helpful when your are applying for a Mass LTC. Otherwise, you might want to learn how to spell S.O.L.

    Repeat, it's spelled S. O. L.

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    My LICENCE is also in NH. Good Luck with that!

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