I have decided to buy my first gun.
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Thread: I have decided to buy my first gun.

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    I have decided to buy my first gun.

    I am waiting for my concealed carry permit, and have been really wanting to buy a gun for myself. I have shot the ruger sp 101 and the ruger gp 100 and really liked them. I have weak hands and I can't do the slide on semi auto's and I can't handle much recoil due to hand surgery. So if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Thank you..

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    congratulations on your decision and welcome to usa carry:). glad to have you. how long have you been waiting for your permit?

    as far as your gun choice you seem to be already on the right track. try out as many as you can get your hands on and buy the one that you are personally most comfortable with. if you really like a ruger then go for it. there is really no wrong choice as long as it suits you well. I am sure you will get lots of ideas from the revolver lovers on the forum. good luck and let us know what you decide! and everyone loves to see pictures.
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    Welcome from Tampa Bay, Floriduh..

    ... What Scarecrow said...

    Talk to your local NRA instructors.. Sometimes they will have various guns available that you can try while taking a lesson - which is a great idea anywayz..

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    Small revolver is simple and easy to shoot. .38 Special is manageable.

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    There are lots of options in .357 or .38 special.
    Even with a .357 you can load it with low recoil .38 special and .38 +p.

  7. I'm an NRA Pistol instructor and mostly work with veterans groups. I teach the NRA Basic Pistol course which meets the state requirements for a CCW here. Most of my students are vietnam era vets who are in their 60s now, I've also had several Korean and WW II folks who are in their 80s and 90s. So, as you might guess, arthritis, recoil sensitivity and hand strength are often issues.
    I usually bring my wife's SP101 and a few other pistols for students to try out at the range. Older folks tend to have a hard time with the SP 101's sights. But the revolver with mild .38 loads is easy on the hands. I've had several students go on to purchase the SP 101 for CCW / HD after the class.
    One lady bought an SP 101 but found it to be too heavy for daily carry, so she also went on to buy a S&W Air weight .38. Last I talked to her, I offered to help her sell the Ruger; Her response was awesome, "Oh no. I will keep that one to shoot and just carry the lighter one."
    I suggested she take the Smith out to make sure it works at least, but in retrospect; that is a pretty clever approach. A Ruger SP 101 in .357 Mag teamed up with a light weight J frame .38 covers a pretty broad spectrum of carry situations. From trail gun to light weight sumer carry piece.

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    Buying Your First Gun

    It is my personal feeling that this is an investment that will last you a long time. Please do not be to anxious when you buy it. See if you can shoot the one you like before you purchase it. SOME GUN STORES ALLOW YOU TO DO THIS.These gun stores have ranges where you are able to do this. Remember after you buy it its yours and your stuck with it. When I bought my first gun I bought a Barretta. I thought it would be a great weapon.I spent about $850 and I could not wait to sell it. I sold it for $300. I then bought a Sig Sauer and it was the difference between night and day.

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    I chronographed an SP 101, 3" barrel, and Speer 135 GD short barrel cartridges with an average of 916fps.

    Not bad for a little revolver!


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    Tried and True Revolver for you.

    Smith & Wesson Model 10. 2-inch K-Frame .38 Special

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    You need to try a variety of weapons to be comfortable. I have an SP101 and Taurus 357. For the money, the Taurus is a better value. You will need to try what feels right to fire and to carry. Smith and Wesson have Lady Smiths that appeal to women.

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