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    tauras 738 TCP

    I seem some in academy a few days ago and was comparing it to the LCP, there selling them for 279.00 so compared to the lcp its a great buy. seems the trigger pull is much lighter and the slide stays open on last shot.

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    We have one, my wife carrys on her ankle really tickled with its performance, no problems, may buy a second, have shot both the T-738 and Ruger LCP and found the 738 has noticably less felt recoil, liked both but prefered the taurus, I'd say buy it you wont be disapionted

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    Love mine, I have the "blackened stainless" slide which with some whiteout on the sights really makes a big difference (better). It and the Uncle Mikes pocket holster, it goes all over with me.

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    Of the three major pocket pistols, LCP, P3AT, and the TCP, I'll say the TCP is tops. I had the opportunity to fire the TCP a couple of weeks ago, and found the accuracy, features and ergonomics superior to the other two. I like my P3AT, but will probably add the Taurus to my stable soon. It seems that Taurus must have studied Kel-Tec and Ruger, then built their pistol, adding the features folks wished the other two had. I'm impressed!
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