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Thread: Can't carry while hunting?

  1. <<< "I hunt near Kansas City, KS. My problem isn't black bears, it's loose dogs and trespassers. Snarling rottweilers and poachers don't seem to be impressed by broadheads. " >>>


    Don't forget the cougars! I saw one turkey hunting near Hillsdale lake. Would I be in trouble carrying while hunting turkey in Kansas? Don't know if I really need to since I imagine number 4 heavy shot is going to do the job on anything I encounter at 10 feet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B A Booracus View Post
    Thanks for the input everyone, I appreciate it. One of my main concerns with this is the severity of the penalty. Would the ramifications be:

    "federal offense, loss of LTC, never carry again"


    "Lose my deer tag, get a fine"

    If it were the latter, I would be more inclined to carry. If I got caught, I wouldn't mind paying a fine and coming back to hunt next season.

    If I had the chance of going to prison and losing the right to carry, then no way would I carry.

    It's funny however, to hear arguments like, "don't worry about the gun, chances of being mauled are low, a bow and arrow or mace will be fine" from pro-carry proponents.

    It seems like that is the argument a lot of anti-2nd amendment folks go with: "Why would you need to carry, chances of being mugged are low, mace is better than a gun statistically"

    The offense would probably be dealt with on a state level, unless you were hunting on federal land and you were caught violating federal law.

    As for carrying while bow hunting, I'd be all for it if it were LEGAL. Keep in mind, as RESPONSIBLE LAW ABIDING citizens, it is imperative that we OBEY THE LAW. With the ongoing battle between gun owners and anti-gun folks, we don't need to be giving them any more reason to further impede our rights. Many of the laws prohibiting carrying a firearm during bow season were made due to people not playing by the rules.

    If you want to break the law, that's your choice and YOU will have to face the consequences if you are caught. It comes down to hunter ethics and responsibility. Be responsible to yourself to obey the laws and behave ethically while in the field. There's no referee out there to make sure you're following the rules. In my many years of hunting, I've only encountered game enforcement officers a few times. All of the encounters went well because I was OBEYING THE LAW. Most of the cases where I've heard people complaining about their experience was due to the offender doing something to get the game enforcement officer's attention. Play by the rules and you're encounter should be quick and painless.

    I've noticed that more hikers and campers get attacked by animals than hunters. Just as you do on the streets, SA is important while hunting. Know where you are and what kind of wildlife is in the area. Have a plan in mind for the times when you may come up against an angry predatory mammal. When bow hunting, have a couple of extra arrows ready. Practice knocking and shooting an arrow while under stress, and under various conditions. You never know when you'll need your skills to make a difficult shot or to save your life.

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    I can carry while out for Archery deer season, and do. I may change by ammo to FMJ for k-9's but that would be it. I sometimes will trade off from a tree stand to a ground blind (tent for lack of a better description) but either way we have coyotes in the area and they can be on rare occasions, ornery. At the Brothers place in the UP, You carry in the woods all year, even if you're on ATVs. The Wolf population there is getting out of control. You better have your sidearm

    PS GF is right, a good 4 blade Muzzy are pretty efficient..

    Semper Fi

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