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Thread: CCW in the mail... Now the reality sets in

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    An Oregon resident permit is very easy to get, but as a non-resident, it has to be a bordering state.

    Oregon simply requires a gun safety class in which handguns are covered.

    It can include hunter safety, military.

    We wrote the law so that discriminatory training could not be used to deny a permit.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jibbster View Post
    Congrats! I just sent mine in to Utah, too ! Headed down to Oregon to apply for one of theirs next week...I will let you know how that goes!
    I applied for my Oregon CPL in Grant County on 4/9..received the permit in the mail today! It was quicker than my Idaho renewal was!

    For anyone planning on taking the trip down to Grant County, it was well worth the drive..very friendly employees at the Sheriff's office.

    PM me if you have specific questions

  4. I had mine when 2 punks thought of robbing me after my haircut (right across the street from where our anti gun president spoke here a couple of months ago . I thought it would be easy to handle a situation. I did put under my leg after I went back into barbershop . (the punks looked for me in busy parking lot ) I left with them 2 cars ahead of me. They had no idea what could have been in store for them . I didn't sleep well that night ! I have now internalized that situation and now will not have a problem again I hope. Stay safe and think you may have to use . But better them then you !!!

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