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    Here in MA that could be an issue. I stopped worrying about it however. If it happens to show and be noticed so be it. I'll smile and keep my composure and perhaps educate an ignorant somebody.

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Aresye View Post
    JTG: Good idea on the wind breaker. Being in Florida, with the approaching summer, do you have any recommendations for a windy day that is too hot for a jacket?
    A whole lot of deodorant?

    Seriously, when the thermometer and barometer are racing to 100, it all comes down to prior planning. For shirt and tie business wear, I end up using off body carry (a zipper portfolio looking thing that I picked up from Dillon's back years ago) because you just don't see folks wearing a suit coat in the Deep South in the summer unless they are in a court room. For casual wear concealment, I end up using Hawaiian shirts (They can't be tapered or snug. I usually get them 1 size too large) with a dark background color with an undershirt and carrying a mid sized pistol in an IWB holster. When I'm bumming around the house and have to go out, I use heavy weight, dark colored t-shirts that are slightly over sized (1 size too big) and, again, a small to mid sized pistol carried IWB.

  4. THIS is where one of those "concealed carry permit holder badges" would come in handy, huh?
    (Just kidding) I have never seen this happen but I suppose it has, more than once. Generally you are going to find security on your ass without notice in which case you simply tell them you have a permit. It is unlikely that you are going to have a riot as most will assume that you have a permit or are a LEO.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aresye View Post
    Had some thoughts today about CCW protocol, and was kind of stumped as to how I would handle this situation, no matter how unlikely.

    We all know that to carry properly, it needs to be deep concealment. That is a no-brainer. However, despite our best concealment efforts, we are still human, and sometimes things happen out of our control, no matter how careful we are. This brings me to my question to you all.

    What would you do in a worst case scenario of somebody finding out you are carrying, and them inciting panic wherever you currently are? It could be at a restaurant, gas station, department store, etc. The reason behind you being compromised is not really a factor. As I said before, we are human, and some things are out of our control. You could have slipped on a wet floor, a strong wind could have lifted your shirt, or maybe somebody was trying to squeeze by you in a tight spot and accidentally bumped into it.

    So regardless of how it happens, somebody notices you are carrying, freaks out, and starts a wave of panic where you are. What would you do now?

    For me, my first action would be to attempt to deescalate the situation. I would stay where I am, keep my hands out to my sides, and generally present a non-threatening appearance. If I am near a wall or an isle in a store, I would keep myself in a place to prevent somebody from trying to be a hero, and jumping me. From there I will wait for the store security, or other competent authority to approach, and calmly explain to them that I am a licensed conceal carrier, and what they would like me to do. From there on I would cooperate until the police arrived, because they have likely been called, at which then I will choose to exercise my rights, and not answer any questions until I have consulted a lawyer.

    It is a horrible situation that we take very careful measures to prevent, but it is still a possibility, even to the most careful CCW holders. With that said, what would you do in this scenario?

  5. Yeah, you westerners got it pretty good. However you need to be careful when you come back East. In Kansas/Missouri only 1/2 of 1 percent have a permit and open carry is not very common, because of local ordinances you never know where it is legal or not. Fortunately State laws preempt local ordinances when it comes to conceal carry. The shirt tale rises up and you may be in trouble for brandishing, or not, depending on how horseshit the police or judge is. My ccw instructing strongly emphazed that CONCEALED MEANS CONCEALED.

  6. Just looking over some of my notes here and I have to agree that CONCEALED MEANS CONCEALED and in some jurisdictions merely printing or exposing a concealed handgun is an offense under law and is going to cause a world of hurt including possibly confiscation of the weapon and the permit.

    Make sure it's covered well guys.

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