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Thread: Best belt for holsters?

  1. BeltMan fan here, too. (the bull hide)

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    5.11 fan here...haven't tried the leather one(s) yet, but i do have one on order
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    +2 on The Belt Man for a no-nonsense solution. Of course, you will pay through the nose if you get the least bit fancy ~
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    When it comes to quality leather goods at a competitive price, I have always used a local guy who was trained as a saddle and tac maker. Kirkpatrick's Inc. Brian makes the leather for duty gear and mounted units for many police and other agencies. Not all is fancy, but all is practical.

    I use a 3 layer EMS belt, which is the most stable platform I have found for anything I may carry, firearm or otherwise ('Triple ply belts - inner core - polyolefin plastic for stiffness'). I have been using their duty and other gear for over 20 years. Even my wallet is one of theirs.
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    I have a Sharkskin belt from Wilson Combat. Not cheaply priced, but a long wearing, sturdy, comfortable belt, that works well.

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    I found a great utility belt at WalMart. It is black, 1/12" and 1/4" thick, heavy nylon with imitation leather trim. I have worn it with my Old Faithful both IWB and OWB daily, with jeans and dress suit. It is holding up much better than I expected. It was $10 and I'd buy two more if I could find them again. I know some will laugh at this, but they have not tried it. Looking at leather belts for $75, I have to shake my head at their decisions, too. Good luck. Wish I had kept the SKU so I could order another. Bigstonebeach in Delaware. Be alert, be safe, keep your head.

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    Well, another trip to Wally's and I found the belt (1). It is Faded Glory, listed as a work belt. Reinforced holes withstand 120 pounds of pressure, has industrial grade hardware. Body/lining is 100% nylon with manmade overlay (a slim strip of imitation leather). I was wrong about the cost - it is $12. SKU is b13299 070205.I know some will scoff but I have found it well worth it. Worn every day, it shows no sign of wear and no stretch.

  10. I have a "BullHide Belt" that should last for many years. The company by the same name, offers alot of closeouts also if your on their mailing or e mail list.

  11. Hanks Clothing Amish Belts - CCW Belts - Free Shipping

    Just bought two of them and they are really a well made product. Work great and at a good price.

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