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Thread: How did it feel when you first started carrying?

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    at first I was like many on here and worried about if I was "exposed" that feeling quickly fell to the ground after a couple wolly world walks. No I really dont care if someone see my weapon do to the fact half the time I Open Carry. It has made me a MUCH more relaxed driver and person in general. When I see someone do something stupid I can just laugh at them and walk way. But in the end run I carry every where I legally can (when I am in the states) even if I am walking around the corner from the house. When I get up putting the pistol on is as much a routine as brushing my teeth or getting dressed. I no longer question "IF" I carry but what and how.
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    My first time was in the army and that was the .45 but that was exposed it was strange at first but pretty soon it was more of pain then anything I did a lot of payroll guarding and moving awol soldiers things like that.
    first time as a civilian I did almost every thing all the others posted I kept grabbing it to make sure it did not fall out
    I thought every time I went into my pockets it would fall out or everyone would see it, and it pulled my pants downs more then one time. for me it has been just under a year now and I'm kind of used to it but I still grab it once in a while to make it is there.

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    most comments have pretty much summed up my feelings...concern about printing, can people tell, why is that person looking at my waist...the idea that carrying is "right" has always been with me, my concern had always been making sure noone else knows...oh yeah, and constantly pulling on the bottom of my shirt :)
    Never had to use my gun, never want to use my gun, will not hesitate to use my gun.

  5. It's so funny; I started a thread like this about a year ago when I started carrying. I felt like the whole world knew and that at any moment someone would yell "He's got a gun!"

    Now, it's second nature. If anything, the enormity of the responsibility is greater than ever; but the "fear" is gone. Not sure when the moment of relaxing happened.

    Good luck and take care.

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    Ditto on most of above - except I never experienced the "clanking" feeling. You do feel as if its very obvious that you are carrying, when in fact, few except other "packers" would ever notice. Do start out with a smaller. lighter gun and feel comfortable with it first before "upgrading" to a cannon. As you carry more. you will start to feel "naked" without it. I also felt my awareness of what was going on around me really intensify - it does carry a great responsiblity with it. More are carrying now than you know - see if you think you can spot them, obviously without asking.

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    I felt paranoid. I had this weapon with me out in public. What if all of a sudden I were go mad.

    However " I got better"

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    Quote Originally Posted by LDaniel View Post
    I felt paranoid. I had this weapon with me out in public. What if all of a sudden I were go mad.

    However " I got better"
    Uh... What him say?

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Not comfortable carrying, so I don't

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    I felt like everyone was eyeballing me, and my pants kept sliding down. I actually felt more aware of my surroundings and those people within those surroundings. I thought it was just me, but from everyones comments are suppose I'm not alone...
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