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Thread: How many carry a Glock or XD with one in the chamber

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    G26...chambered. Otherwise, it's just a paperweight.
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    Talking CCW Paperweights

    Quote Originally Posted by DamnYankee View Post
    Otherwise, it's just a paperweight.
    Just like those silly CCW Badges are.

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    If you have to stop to load your gun, it kind of defeats the purpose of carrying one. It should be ready if and when you need it.

  5. my glock19 and xd45 always have a round in the chamber,when and if a bad guy comes at you there probably won't be enough time to chamber a round,one less thing to worry about

  6. have a glock 22 since 05/1991 carry it everyday and have no issures love my glock

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    I carry an XD-40SC every day and everywhere it's legal to do so. ZERO issues with one in the chamber. At first, I was a bit worried about it, but after just a couple of days it's become second nature. I keep my Bugger Hooker off the Bang Button and all is well.
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    I don't have my CWP yet. However When I carry around my home, or on family property, I have one in the chamber. I know and understand its very different to carry in public and the like, but When I first started carrying around property I was allowed to carry, having one chambered did feel a little "weird" for lack of a better word, but after a few days, it wasn't anything. I feel quite comfortable with today's modern striker fired handguns with one chambered.

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    I do and have every single day for 4 years without incident. Glock 30SF, .45 ACP in CrossBreed SuperTuck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    You could also get one of those silly Saf-T-bullets. While you're at it, purchace a CCW Badge as well.
    You know you want one :neener:
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    Carry a Glock 21. Always one in the pipe. I didn't used to but only because I was afraid of the gun. Once I learned exactly how all the safties work I had no problem carrying chambered.

    Most modern firearms are safe to carry chambered. It's the safety between the ears that is prone to failure.
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