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Thread: How many carry a Glock or XD with one in the chamber

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    My wife and I have bought, sold traded at least a dozen weapons in the past year since we got our CCW permits, when ever we purchased a new one it left the shop loaded with PP rounds in it and ready

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rocketgeezer View Post
    My wife and I have bought, sold traded at least a dozen weapons in the past year since we got our CCW permits, when ever we purchased a new one it left the shop loaded with PP rounds in it and ready
    I already have a concealed carry gun on me that's a known quantity, I don't need to load the one I just bought. If it's a business that doesn't allow concealed carry, I wouldn't be spending my money in it anyhow.

    I don't carry a gun for self defense before I get it to a range so I can have a 'get to know you'/break in session or 2 with it. I want a couple hundred rounds AT LEAST (including a couple boxes, at least, of whatever I've chosen as a carry load for it) through a gun before I feel comfortable enough with it to be willing to bet my life on it.

    On high end 1911's like those from Les Baer or Ed Brown, make that at least 1,000 rounds and probably more like 12-1500 before I'm comfortable with it being 'broken in' enough to carry. As tight as the Baer and Brown gun's I've handled are, I want to be very sure that they are fully broken in before using them for concealed carry. I had a custom 1911 set up for bowling pin matches in the early '90's that would shoot cloverleaf shaped groups all day at 25 yards. You just had to break it down every 100 rounds to clean it because it would start jamming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Islander View Post
    I think it is silly to carry any pistol for self defense without one in the chamber. It is safe if you don't pull the trigger, and lethal if you need to...instantly. Makes no sense to me to have to rack the slide. a situation where partial seconds count, do you really want to spend them racking the slide? I don' carry glock always has one in the chamber, as does my wife's on the nightstand...get a holster that covers the trigger and don't pull it unless you mean to
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    Quote Originally Posted by W.D.Murray View Post
    I've had formal training and been around guns long enough to stay away from the "on" switch until I need it. It's just a little different having the safety on the trigger. I'll be O.K. with it I was the same way with the 1911 when I started carrying it. After some time carrying this one It will be no big deal.
    Remember that with the XD the safeties on the trigger and grip must both be disengaged for it to fire.

    One thing I pay attention to when holstering my XD is to shift my grip on it so my thumb is behind the slide and my palm is off the grip. That way the grip safety is engaged so if I get something caught in the trigger while holstering (like a piece of my shirttail I didn't notice being there) it doesn't go bang. I try to always make sure my shirt is out of the way, but sometimes it gets there despite my best efforts.

    I know the safety is a mechanical device that can fail, but I do it anyway.
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    Have carried my Glock chambered since the day I bought it. Always chambered, always carried. Unless I'm in the shower. Or in a weapons-free zone (rare).

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    This is a topic that will never just goes on and on. Carrying an unloaded gun is carrying a small club at best, because you'll have more time tp HIT the perp with it than to load it, point it and shoot it. I carry an XD-40 4" and a Kel-Tec P-11 all the time, both fully loaded and ready. The P-11 is DAO with about a 7 lb. pull, so it's not going bang! unless I really want it to. The XD has enough safeties built into it that there is no worry.

    Like most of the others I think an unloaded gun is worthless unless it's in storage in a safe, and even then, I'd probably keep it loaded.
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    As a police officer I have carried a Glock on and off duty for 20 years, feel free to load one in the chamber. If there would be an accidental discharge, it would not be because of the firearm, it would be because of an unsafe handling procedure on your part.

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    I agree with most of the posts on here. I've carried a Beretta 92f in double action with a round in the chamber my entire military career and I've never even met anyone that accidentally fired that weapon, and there are a lot of clowns in the military. As for carrying when I'm at home, it's usually either my Kel Tec or M & P I carry, occasionally my Xd as of late, all with a round in the chambr and I've never had a NEGLIGENT discharge. Trigger finger discipline is the name of the game, always be cognizant of where your finger is and be cognizant that a firearm can be dangerous if you do not respect it.

  11. I believe not having one in you're carrying a rock..I don't want the worry of feed failure for the first shot

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