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Thread: Holster theory... can anyone shoot down this idea?

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    I shoot lefthanded, and have always carried the way you describe... It just seems more natural to me, and it's just easier for me to find righthanded holsters... I got a lefty holster awhile back and it just did not work carrying it behind the back (not a waste though, as I can still use it in the waistband in the hip position).

    I think the most important thing here is the way it feels to the individual. The whole thing kind of falls apart if the weapon is too awkward to draw. You'd be absolutely amazed how long half a second can be.... In short, the right way to carry is the way that works when the chips are down....

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    It sounds like to me the SOB carry is actually almost right over the spine? I have tried placing my weapon there and I have to admit it is comfortable but it scares me. I carry behind my hip and keep my weapon off my spine. (yup I am gonna say it) In my carry class the instructor spoke about SOB carry and brought up the point of sweeping yourself and also that if you slip or fall on your back what kinda damage are you gonna do to your spine? That is why I carry behind my hip I figured I can live with a broken/repaired hip easier then a broken/repaired spine. I will note that I carried with a GA license for close a year before getting my TN one so the instructor did not effect or change my mind on how I carry. (I live in GA but am a resident of TN and that is why I have both)
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