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    Order Clipdraw - The Original Clipdraw for Glocks

    I have been to a few gunstores, and the salespeople are religious about recommending the Clipdraw. They tell me this is their biggest seller. What is your opinion about the Clipdraw?

    What are the cons of using this type of holster alternative? What type of clothing is conducive to this method without Printing?

    I have opted for ITWB holsters or the Blackhawk Serpa.

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    I have asked a contact I have with a LEO if this would count as a holster under Ohio law, one way you have to have your pistol in a hoslter secured to your person to carry in a car.
    Also how well does the clip hold the pistol in place.
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  4. I have one on my Kel Tek PF9 and like it. If you wear your shirt untucked, all you see is the little clip, and it looks exactly like a knife in your pocket.

    However I do not feel comfortable carying like this during normal routines. I normaly cary in a side holster, but while around the house or working in the yard I will use the Clip-Draw.
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    if you carry with a clipdraw (which i personally would never do) you can NOT (should not, technically) carry with one in the chamber...which ties into another thread in this forum one in the pipe I don't trust clipdraw to keep my gun where i put it and that's another problem for me
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    I tried a clip draw years ago on a Commander and found it a nightmare. The pistol was heavy enough that the clip could not hold it in place. Also, the first problem to become evident is the danger of the safety rubbing off leaving you with a cocked and UNlocked 1911. I don't think I ever loaded the pistol while the device was installed. I doubt it stayed on the pistol an hour.

    However; I do have the small clip on my KelTec P3AT and the pistol is so small and light it works okay. The DAO has no issue with the safety, but I've found that I still use a pocket holster rather than the clip. The clip remains because it's not a problem. I didn't like the clip on the .380 enough to even purchase one for the PF9

    I've decided it's an answer to a question I need not ask. YMMV.
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  7. Even if you like it, DON't use ANY thing that does not cover the trigger or you WILL end up hooting yourself eventually.....AS far as I am concerned these should be off the market.

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    I carry with a clip on my LCP daily. The trigger is always my pocket! I draw holding only the grip. Very unlikely that ANYTHING can pull the LCP trigger in my pocket. If I were a dolphin...well...

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