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    I use the Bianchi for my Sig P220 and the Galco Jackass with a Kimber 1911 - but only when it's cold out to where a jacket or coat is required. The Jackass is a really nice comfortable shoulder rig I prefer for almost any scenario I can justify an outergarment due to the very positive control of the weapon and quick, natural draw action. Too bad it gets hot around here most of the year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocked _and_Locked View Post
    Galco Jackass .

    I got the jackass and I like it a lot it I wear it under a baggy Hawaiian style shirt it does show a bit but like the law says

    Section 790.06 (1), Florida Statutes, defines concealed weapons or firearms as those carried in a manner that conceals them from the ordinary sight of another person. This includes:

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    I found a great solution.

    Like many, I have spent much money and time trying different rigs and none did a good job of concealing my .40 Smith & Wesson SW99 and none were very comfortable. Then I tried the concealed shoulder holster from Gunner Security (Gunner Security, LLC.) . It works perfectly! Even my full-size gun is completely concealed under my arm without switching to a larger sized shirt and it's very comfortable. It's kind of like a bra or a back brace. It velcros around the breast area with straps that come over the shoulders for support. It has a "pocket" on one side that keeps the gun very close to the body and a pocket on the other side for spare mags. I have tried many and this one does the job.

    Quote Originally Posted by clay5769 View Post
    Hi all new guy to the forum I have been carrying for a while now but less then a year.
    I did carry a side arm in the army many many moons ago.
    I have been though about every type of holster IWB OWB Belly bands paddle type,even the concealment shirts I could go on and on
    My question is before I go dump a bunch of money into a shoulder holster who out here knows
    of a good well hidden shoulder holster I carry either my Taurus PT 145 or S&W model 642
    or EAA K frame .357 magnum
    I have tried a few different shoulder holsters with no luck as far as concealment and comfort

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