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    Quote Originally Posted by Kris View Post
    You guys told me in a previous post that I won't get a CCW permit (in California) because it's nearly impossible.
    So you suggested an "open-carry"..

    Well, yesterday an officer told me this..

    "Sure, you can open-carry but you'll attract more attention to yourself.
    You have the right to discharge your firearm if someone broke-in or is attempting to break into your residence.
    If you discharge your firearm outdoors even in a defensive situation, I'd still have to investigate the shoot.
    About 60% of the time the person open-carrying is arrested also."

    WTF...is there ANY way to defend myself without being arrested then??
    Hey Dude, go the corner ink place, get some groovy tats. Join a gang. The beat in will hurt some, but it's worth it.
    You can carry loaded guns if you are a gang member. However, you have to hold your gun sideways. It looks really cool.
    For real? Move out of Kalifornia. What a mess. The libtards have F'd it all up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CapGun View Post
    Not looking to start an online fight here but your posts sure do reflect the attitude of a 27 yr old.
    and why is that? because ive been to the place hes talking about and never had a problem with anyone there?

    that should be a good thing. dont ya think?

    guess it makes 27 because i really am 27....

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    Quote Originally Posted by aj's 40 cal View Post
    and why is that? because ive been to the place hes talking about and never had a problem with anyone there?

    that should be a good thing. dont ya think?

    guess it makes 27 because i really am 27....
    Do you think I came up with the age 27 by accident? OK I am "clairvoyant"!
    No Seriously. Why do you think they call firearms an equalizer?
    No I can "been there done that" but that might be bragging or lying.
    It is great you can defend yourself without using a weapon. That means you can actually be a real pacifist. (only people that can kick some ass really qualify as a pacifist, others are just full of chicken!) Trust me, when you get older the better you were! Agreed it's nice to not have to depend on any one method of self defense. That's why there are many techniques with different applications to achieve that same end.
    You seeing a trend here? I'll shorten it... for a lot of us it's just time to take the easier expedient course when justified. Maybe wisdom, which comes with experience is in your future but for now no matter how good you think you are there is always one out there better then you!

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    Election Time

    In the next election in California pull the lever on every incubant in the state. Vote all of them out. Politians are like diapers you have to change them regularly.
    Beware of your surroundings

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    i got this off of this site on the info by state then clicked cali.

    Open Carry:
    Prohibited in any incorporated area; carry in rutal areas is legitimate.

    just sayin. im sure many of you are right about the open carry in cali, but i was born and raised there and i never saw a single person carrying in the open. if you do just be prepaired to talk to the cops often, thats all im sayin.

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    I grew up in SoCal and went on to be a real live LEO there too! Fact is, I really would like to return there if it were at all feasible. Now that I’ve lived in Arizona for soOoo many years, I can’t reasonably or intentionally accept a lower level of freedom.
    “Monsters are real and so are ghosts. They live inside of us, and sometimes they win.”
    ~ Stephen King

  8. Quote Originally Posted by aj's 40 cal View Post
    ya u would never catch me around there, nothing but bangers and drugs, no need for me to even go around it
    I lived in the Los Angeles area for 8 years. Not one time did I ever get into a situation that I thought there was no way out. If your in the wrong area you will find trouble and you won't be able to carry enough guns to get you out of there.

    I lived in Long Beach (Snoop Dogs Hood), Woodland Hills, Marina Del Rey and miss those areas very much.


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    It's California. What can we say ? LOL. Actually, around here police would take more notice of you as well, but I don't think you would be arrested for it.

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    Kris, I wish you the best in whatever you decide. I too was born and raised in CA (SF Penninsula) and lived there until I was about 30. I loved the close proximity to oceans, mtns, etc., but the politics and cost of living finally drove me away. I have been living in Colorado for over 15 years now and I love it. CO is a shall issue state for CCW, you can open carry if you want, in all but a few places, and it is a nice conservative place. Come see what a nice state CO is and you just might decide to stay!

  11. Support Is Growing For Openly Carrying Permitted Weapons - Hartford Courant

    Interesting discussion. Open carry is not just limited to California, nor is it likely to draw attention or get you arrested only in California. Attached is an article that ran just yesterday in CT, centering on the arrest and aftermath of a licenced CCW and pistol instructor and security consultant.

    I personally don't carry openly, even at home. The perceived tactical advantage of having the firearm at the ready but concealed seems too great to give up voluntarily. However, CT law does permit open carry. Several of the officers interviewed for this article actually believed that lawful carry could still open you to charges of threatening, brandishing, disturbing the peace, and other misc crimes. Actually, each of those crimes would take an additional action of the armed party - simply carrying openly could not possibly justify any of those other charges.

    But tell that to this firearms instructor and security consultant who lost his CCW and fought for 2 years to get it back. Unfortunately the "pussification" of americans continues...
    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants ... for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson

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